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Have you ever successfully gotten a free product from a "participation required" website?

Asked by girlofscience (7567points) October 24th, 2008

This “participation required” type of “scam” for free products became fairly popular with the “free iPods” about five years ago. The websites require you to click through tons of offers and choose at least one to sign up for (e.g., a magazine subscription). Sometimes, they also require you to have five friends do the same.

Have you ever actually tried one of these? If so, how has it turned out?

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No, but I do know people who have. In my opinion they’re a pain in the ass, and not worth the trouble. They usually involve spending some amount of money on the offers you sign up for as well, don’t they?

I’d sooner just buy an iPod, then sign up for a magazine subscription and get five friends to do the same. Hell, get those five friends to buy you an iPod.

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My buddy from the Army married a Korean lady when he was stationed there. When he/they returned to the States, she was going nuts on those for a year or two, participating in everything she could find.

She almost bankrupted him with it LOL

Long story short, in about 2 years she got a PC that was so garbage you couldn’t use it, and an MP3 player that would hold like 20 songs for subscriptions and orders worth thousands of Dollars. It’s all a scam.

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My ex-boyfriend got an xBox from one.

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