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Is it possible to have WebKit and Safari installed at the same time?

Asked by justin5824 (196points) September 23rd, 2008

From what i understand you can only have on installed at the same time. Am i correct?

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No problem running both at the same time.

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I just found out, If only they would make it more obvious to find the .app release!

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They work fine to me.

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@swimmingdude2496 What is the icon in between ichat and preview?

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ooVoo. For Video Chatting with my PC friends…

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what’s the different between the two??

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It’s the same thing, exept webkit is updated a few times a day. Safari uses an old version of webkit. Most users wont notice any difference tho

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One way to really tell the difference is take the Acid Test
I tried it between Firefox, Safari, And Webkit. Webkit is the only browser to reach 100!

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Webkit is the HTML rendering engine, Safari is the web browser which needs webkit to work. They have to be both installed in order to work. Webkit by its own cant do anything interesting really, it needs of a browser or a interface to display useful information.

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hmmmmm… still confusing.

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Wait isnt Webkit what Chrome and Safari are made up of? As well as a bunch of other things?

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