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Can anyone find me some free email addresses ?

Asked by pennylockhart2009 (29points) September 23rd, 2008

as a friend of mine is looking for some

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hmm, maybe…hotmail ? gmail ? yahoo ? see, that’s 3 already

generalspecific's avatar is one of my favorites just because it sounds cool.

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Welcome to the collective. Just Google free email if you don’t like iwamoto’s excellent suggestions.

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Gmail is my favorite. Go make as many as you want!

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Can anyone find me a copy of “The Elements of Style?”

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HaHa, I love sending email to gmail accounts because it scans the text and puts ads related to the text on the sides.

What my emails to gmail accounts look like:

Dear Boss (,
I will have the reports for you next monday.


Monkeys, Gay Sex, Ice Cream, Corn on the Cob

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What I like about Gmail is that I can use it to access my other emails. So basically I use my Gmail and send emails from my other emails, and read my emails in my other email accounts.

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