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Have you tried playing Connections yet, on the New York Times app (free)?

Asked by jca2 (16248points) August 28th, 2023

I started playing “Connections” about two weeks ago on the NY Times site. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s harder, sometimes it’s kind of easy. You can take as long as you need to play, but I usually finish it in about ten minutes. I play it on the NY Times site as I have a subscription but apparently the NY Times app is free and you can play it there. One of the hosts of a show I watch in the morning mentioned it a few weeks ago, and so I decided to check it out. I’m not into games, especially online, but this is quick and fun.

The article I’m linking says it’s the second most played game on the NY Times app.

The game comes out every night around midnight. It gives you 16 words and you have to group them into groups of 4. Some of the “connections” are obscure. You are allowed several incorrect attempts. It took me one or two separate games to figure out exactly how it works.,level%20so%20you%20can%20steadily%20improve%20your%20skills.

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Just tried it and got it on the second try. I like it! I found it on this link and it was free and not an app; don’t know if it was just letting me try it…

Thanks! Always on the lookout for good games/puzzles.

edit: oooh! found it here, too:

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I play it everyday and do rather well.

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I have been playing daily. Sometimes I complete the whole puzzle. There is one group which they describe as “easy”, which I usually get. When I get 3 of the groups, I sometimes have no idea how the final four words relate, but it does not matter. There is only one way of joining the remaining words.

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Until now, I hadn’t been familiar with Connections. I already do the Wordle and Spelling Bee every day. I’ll give this one a try.

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Yes. And I am hooked. Dammit!

Just what I need… another excuse to not do what I need to do.

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^^ @Forever_Free You are a horrible person. And I mean that in the nicest way. :-)
I just tried it and guessed wrong. No surprise.

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^^ Yep, That’s me!

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