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Do you reread what you've written on the internet?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37339points) August 30th, 2023

I used to blog, and I’m still quite active on Facebook and here and other social media sites. I will occasionally reread posts from the past. It reminds me of events and feelings. Sometimes that’s a good reminder, and at other times it’s less than good.

Do you ever go back and read what you’ve posted on various sites in the past? Do you read posts here on Fluther you’ve made in the past?

I’m curious.

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Damn betcha! I love revisiting old questions and threads! And as often as I am totally chuffed by my astonishingly insightful posts, and clever turns of phrase, I just as often wince and hang my head.

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Most often when Fluther suggests an old question and I think of a clever answer only to discover younger Lightlyseared beat me to it.

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Also, if a site ever starts erasing old posts just because they’re old, I pretty much always immediately stop contributing to that site.

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Absolutely. Unfortunately, one of favorite sites to write went under, and all those works are gone.

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Never. But I was never a serious blogger, just an every-now-and-then thing, and I never wrote anything very deep. If it isn’t interesting to me, it won’t be to anyone else, especially with the passage of time.

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I do. One of my “favorites’ from the past is when I stated my husband didn’t always understand me but I knew he’ll always stand by me. umm

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Occasionally. Like @Lightlyseared, I start to answer and then notice and old response from me that was more insightful or witty.

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I do. All the time. I have a Letterboxd account where I review movies, and I will often read and edit what I have written.

I don’t read old Fluther posts. Even if I cared, they’re too hard to find.

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Curiously, I figure I have been posting in various forums for over twenty years, and when i look back, I find my thinking has remained consistent over the years. The biggest change has been with regard to my health as I age, but my views on the world are much the same.

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@Caravanfan I never search for them but they often come up if I read an old Q from the sidebar “Related Questions.”

@zenvelo Yes, my morals and thinking have remained consistently the same as well.

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The blog I was most involved in before this led to me discovering several wonderful bloggers but one stood out for me for the beauty of her thought and the kindness of her intelligence. For a time, we communicated privately in a public space but discretely and subtly so no one could guess. Alas all things come to an end and the site went rapidly downhill and then disappeared and we lost contact.

Was it obsessive of me to have taken a few screenshots to preserve our communications? Perhaps, but I still have them. I don’t regret trying to save a few golden moments from the hurricane of the years.

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I necropost on Fluther frequently.

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All the time. Especially when I am bored at F.

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