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Can someone give me a summary of why there's hate to Jake and Logan Paul?

Asked by KmiberDWZ (125points) September 18th, 2023

I’m just wondering, is all. I mean, I’ve heard about stuff Logan has done (for an example, that infamous video where he’s in Japan which I’m grateful that i had not watched) and Jake for other miscellaneous things. Also, not a fan of the brothers either, just curiosity.

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Who are they?

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@janbb they are two Youtube influencer brothers. They are famous among the younger generation. Just type on Youtube either “Jake Paul” or “Logan Paul”.

I’m not well-versed about the Pauls’ controversy but I know they were hated even before the Japan video. From what I can gather it looks like they got the hate because they had no real talent other than being rich and handsome and still gather millions of views and likes. Their videos seem obnoxiously exaggerated too, and they don’t have much substance other than them flexing their wealth. The peak of it may be this song, which a lot of people consider one of the worst songs ever made. They even somehow appeared on Youtube Rewind which only fueled the hate.

I’m just an outsider looking in and I have no interest in the people so I may be wrong. You can search on Youtube for more information because they are so infamous surely a lot of people have been calling them out.

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I’d never heard of them, but, inspired by @Mimishu1995 ‘s mention of maybe one of the worst songs ever made, I followed the link and . . . before even pressing Play on the video, I think I already . . . dislike . . . most of the people I see in the first frame of the video, including one of these . . . clowns?

Ok, let’s press Play . . .

Ok, I’m bailing before the 1 minute mark.

I HATE it. I’m already imagining very violent things happening to everyone in the video, and thinking things like, “I wonder if this is the sort of behavior and attitudes that drove some students to go on shooting sprees?”

That video is more than enough for me to see why many people would hate them. Wow, so very hate-able!

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I had NEVER heard of them, so I did a quick search to see what they had done. This is the Rolling Stone version of what happened. It starts with the Japan fiasco & explains from there. After reading this, I’m of the opinion that they have found their YT niche by being outrageous & in this case they managed to push it a little too far for even their most die-hard fans!!! I might be wrong, but I don’t think I am.

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They have no shame when it comes to making money for themselves. Some of their stuff is also pretty dark.

But in their defense, they only continue because people pay.

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What a terrible defense. I have only contempt for them.

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It’s just a general hate for how they conduct themselves.

There have been so many moral infractions that they all piled on over time.

They’re disrespectful and unapologetic (making insincere apology videos for example).
Filming skeletons of dead bodies in Japan, scamming their fans out of money, and recently staining the sport of boxing by turning it into “youtube boxing” for money.

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Never heard of them but from the above description, they sound obnoxious and sketchy, and possibly morally corrupt. This is why I don’t watch videos of lame influencers.

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