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How many times a day do you check the time?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24182points) 2 months ago

For me it’s countless.

What about you?
Is it a problem?

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Maybe every half hour, roughly. If I’m busy and out and distracted, maybe once an hour or two hours, depending on what I’m doing.

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If i have a “do by this time” several times an hour; until the “do time.”

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Probably average five times. Sometimes I just see the clock but wasn’t actively checking the time.

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Maybe 5–7 times a day.

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Like you, @RedDeerGuy1, it’s countless. I look at my watch many times throughout the day.

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Rarely. I have a good sense of time. I know what time it is typically within a few minutes if asked.

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I’m in the CTC (countless time checker) boat with @Hawaii_Jake & @RedDeerGuy1

However, in an attempt to quantify it, I’ll say about 100.

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Every half Planck time.

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It isn’t so much my checking it as I cannot avoid it. The time is displayed every where.

39 years ago I went on vacation and took my watch off while getting in a shower. My watch fell into my suitcase and I could not find it. I realized everything I did at work was timestamped down to within ten seconds, and to be on vacation I needed to just let time find its own way. I didn’t wear a watch for almost 20 years after that.

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At least 50.

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