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If a store put up incorrect signage on holiday items would you be offended?

Asked by JLeslie (65337points) September 25th, 2023 from iPhone

Could be another negative emotion like angry, annoyed, or even feeling like the store didn’t take the time to care.

An example would be a section set up with an Easter sign in September and Christmas items on the shelves. What if the store was owned by Chinese people?

Another example would be a Passover sign in September (Passover is in March-April) with Chanukah items on the shelves (Chanukah is typically December). Let’s say that’s at HomeGoods or Target.

What if the sign makes sense like Easter items and candies and Easter signage in early March for the holiday, but also Christmas ornaments and napkins and plates are merchandised with the Easter items. What if you were in a Muslim country and it was just a small temporary section for the Christian holiday and they basically put out everything Christian for a month. Would you feel offended that the store didn’t care enough to figure out what items were appropriate for the time of year?

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Um…no? I might possibility be mildly amused, no more.

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I’d tend to find it amusing.

Skeletal Christmas sounds intriguing.

It already kind of happens with how insanely early the seasonal shopping items hit the shelves.

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I save my outrage for more egregious crimes like John Fetterman’s shorts! ~

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Offended? No. I think there’s a lot of offense that people feel for things that to me, are not necessarily offensive. I realize their emotions are their own but I would not find a lot of things offensive.

I agree it might be amusing. It might be interesting .

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There are so many more important things than this to worry about. I would look at this sort of mistake and laugh.

Keep in mind that some stores do this sort of stupid thing on purpose, for the attention it draws.

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This came up because someone on facebook put up a photo supposedly from Home Goods of an end cap on an aisle that said Passover and had all Chanukah items. Supposedly, it was taken recently, but who knows.

Some people on the thread were pissed and called the employees ignorant. Some of us (us includes me) said we are glad to get any space in a store. I also said I think it would be great to have a small permanent space in Home Goods and I would be fine if they sold all Jewish holiday stuff all year. I pointed out that most synagogues I have been in sell Chanukah menorahs all year long. I appreciate any effort. I think if anyone is upset or thinks a store got something wrong, they can let the store manager know without being angry, but rather to be helpful.

Since I worked in retail a long time, I think it makes sense to put out any and all Jewish products when you have the attention of Jewish people focused in one area of the store, but I can see how it is precarious if some people will feel offended.

Also, on facebook this year for Yom Kippur, which is today, a lot of people are posting Yom Kippur holiday memes that have menorahs. I have never seen Yom Kippur memes with menorahs before. Some of the menorahs are seven candles and some are nine. Actually, a lot are nine, which is eight plus one. The eight plus one is a Chanukah Menorah, which is the wrong holiday! It would be like putting Mary and the baby Jesus in the manger for Easter. Even Jews are posting the meme with the nine candle menorah. SMH LOL. Some Jewish people are showing some outrage about it. The seven candles is a symbol of Israel and not a symbol of Chanukah.

The conspiracy theorist in me believes this is all on purpose, just like the fake war on Christmas. I wonder who is creating these holiday memes? It can’t be Jewish people. I can’t imagine any Jewish person putting any menorah on a yom kippur message, it would never occur to me anyway.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene sent Yom Kippur greetings with a Chanukah menorah

But I would have expected her to host a bagel breakfast for those fasting.

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No, I would just giggle.

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@zenvelo Oh, that’s interesting. Like I said two of my Jewish friends did it too, and I pointed it out to them and one responded with an “oops lol” and another with “goyim mistake” but he left it up.

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Ha! In the US they’ve been putting out Christmas stuff in September for many years! Nothing to see here folks!

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@snowberry I mentioned that on the facebook thread also! Some people hate that retailers do that. That is not perceived as the retailers disrespecting Christians though, it is just looked at as greed or ridiculousness.

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@JLeslie Maybe they think greed blends right in with the spirit of Christmas?

I used to do janitorial in a department store. The air conditioning was always kept too cold for my comfort, so I always had to wear a sweater. I quickly wearied of the Christmas themed decor and music that always started September. My form of protest was to wear an ugly Christmas sweater as soon as they took the Christmas decor down in January, and I wore it well into June.

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I think it’s all about context. Hobby and craft stores put out holiday decorations and so on months ahead of the traditional schedule because they cater to people who really like to get started early. I understand why they do it, and it’s not driven by greed. I don’t find it nearly as annoying as when other retailers start with the Christmas music and decor in September. Those retailers just want people to buy, buy, buy.

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