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How did the singer from Nickelback, "live like a blind man?"?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24184points) 2 months ago

In the song “you remind me of what I really am.”

Humor welcome.

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Making up and singing empty lyrics, in a way, is perhaps something like living blind, maybe.

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Maybe he means he’s tired of not seeing what is in front of him.

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He blames himself for not being smart or skilled enough to do the most basic things, like being a thief than cannot steal. The next part about being a blind man and being sick of sight can be translated to mean that he never sees what is going on and what he does see doesn’t catch him and he doesn’t even notice. The chorus is based on what he feels of his girlfriend; she makes him feel guilty for the way he is – it is his low self opinion that makes him the way he is, she just brings it out. For the ‘Not like you…’ part he is saying that she isn’t the one who apologizes – and she always has excuses. He feels this way because of her and blames her for it, but still feels it is his fault for ‘handing her a heart worth breaking.’ He admits he has been wrong and feels guilt, and he has ‘been to the bottom of every bottle’ meaning he has searched to find out why he is the way he is. The five words in his head are based on his feeling of their relationship – a constant question of whether or not he is having fun, if this is what he wants. The next verses come from his feeling of guilt again, but he points out it is her too. When he says ‘It’s not like you didn’t know that’ is the same as saying “You know how I feel though” and he does still love her, though she makes him feel the way he does. The guilt part comes into full swing with the next too lines because he claims that he is so terrible and hard to get along with that she must have sacrificed so much to be with him. There is also a hint of sarcasm in the last part as if he is saying it in a mocking way.

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He wrote music like a deaf man, so it’s kind of like that…

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Dude was an addict, he couldn’t stop even for love so his girl ditched him with a ‘sorry, I tried’. He found sobriety later and has regrets, that’s how she reminds him of what he is/was. Good song.

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