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What television network, broadcast, radiochannel, etc. is dedicated to books about conspiracy theories they claim really happened?

Asked by luigirovatti (2831points) October 13th, 2023

You know, I need to have a serious culture around that topic.

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HIstory Channel, Netflix, Discovery channel are all pro-conspiracy theory.

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Coast to coast AM. Radio shows and internet archive.

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There was a television series entitled One Step Beyond. from ~1959 to 1961.
It was fiction but was written as if true. Every week would be another unexplained mystery.
The show is aired on many channels if you have a Roku. Classic TV. It’s free.

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I just checked and One Step Beyond episodes are on YouTube. Each is about 24 minutes.

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@LuckyGuy When I hear “One Step Beyond” I think of this:

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