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Can you help me figure out how to pry the knob off of my glass topped stove?

Asked by jca2 (15925points) 2 weeks ago

I have a glass topped electric range. It’s about five years old. Every few months, I take the knobs off to wash them with soapy warm water. They’re usually firm to take off, and a good strong grip and pulling them upwards gets them off. There’s a metal shaft that the plastic knob goes onto. I should mention that i don’t do a whole lot of cooking on the stove, so it doesn’t get particularly greasy or anything.

The other day, I took three knobs off and the fourth knob just won’t come off for anything. It’s for the burner that I use primarily (just out of habit). I am pulling it straight up, wrestling with it, using a jar opener (rubber disk shape to help grip), everything and yet nothing works. I don’t want to pry it with a screwdriver or other metal instrument because I am afraid to break the glass.

Do you have any recommendations for what might help to get it off?

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Maybe a tea towel? Or thin fabric?

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I’d suggest it went on slightly crookedly the last time you put it on. Try wiggling it while pulling up.

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WD40 too! ;D

So did you get the knob off yet?

Maybe wedge some fabric under the edges and then use the screwdriver to gently wiggle it, then pry it off?

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@smudges A good suggestion. This video show how it might work in practice without using a screwdriver.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I was using the oven mitt and also using my shirt, so it didn’t hurt miy hands.

@seawulf575 That’s a good theory (it being on slightly crooked). I have been wiggling it and it’s about ¼ inch up but that’s as high up as I can get it. I’m wiggling it back and forth and side to side. It’s really on there tight. I had my sixteen year old daughter try because she’s pretty strong. I didn’t watch her but she said she couldn’t move it.

@Dutchess_III and @smudges WD40 is a good idea. No, @smudges I didn’t get it off yet. I was out all day. I tried this morning and I’m going to try again tomorrow.

@flutherother Thanks for that video. That guy has a good technique, wrapping the towel around the knob.

@all: I think what I am going to do is, tomorrow morning, I’m going to use some degreaser I have for auto interiors, and I also have bathroom cleaner spray which kind of has a bleachy smell (it’s the “scrubbing bubbles”). I am going to take a Q-tip and put the degreaser on it and try to get it under the knob and rub the metal shaft with it, and let it soak and then try again. I’ll let you all know how it progresses.

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Waiting with bated breath!

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I just did the Qtips with the degreaser. Later, I’m going to add the bleachy cleaner. Tomorrow, I’ll try the WD-40. The pulling method will be the towel. It’s a multi plan of attack lol.

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I’ll get you yet my pretty!

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Oh boy. So after the degreaser was on for about an hour, I went with the towel and started wrestling and pulling the knob. It popped off but unfortunately, the metal pin broke off inside it. I have a friend that fixes things like this but he might say just don’t use that burner, since there are three others. I looked at the metal shaft inside the knob and it looks like there is something in there, like maybe there was food that was making it stuck. I put the knob into a thing of boiling water and I’m going to let it soak, so I can see it better. Shittttttt.

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O noes…..

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Bummer. You had a good plan though, and couldn’t have known. I wouldn’t have guessed the metal pin would break! I have a favorite burner, too!

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Should be a relatively simple fix. Pull the old switch and put in a new one. Can’t be more than a $30 fix.

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@seawulf575 What concerns me is that there is a rubber gasket ring around where the D-shaft (I found out that’s what it’s called, because the metal is shaped like a D) comes out of. I am thinking in order to replace it, the glass top needs to come off, which means the stovetop needs to be removed from the counter (it’s a stovetop). That seems like a pain in the ass for whoever is doing it.

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Are you having a funeral for that burner?

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I keep wondering why you think you have to take the knobs off to clean the stove? I just work in and around them.

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Put one of the other knobs
on your favorite burner.

@janbb…I take my knows off sometimes too.

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Famn auto correvt

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@janbb I feel like to really clean it well, the knobs should come off and be cleaned and rinsed and the glass should get a good wiping without the knobs being in the way.

@Dutchess_III Yes, I’m in mourning for that burner! i can’t put any knob on it, because there’s nothing to attach the knob to. The D-shaft is now flush with the glass top, since it broke off.

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