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Will Microsoft have the same breakthrough as OpenAI?

Asked by luigirovatti (2836points) November 24th, 2023

Altman was fired from OpenAI because reportedly he worked at project Q, which ushered AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) to ChatGPT. The board fired him because he insisted in finishing the project and they feared the obvious implications. It’s all well and good, but now Microsoft hired him and his staff. They could have the same breakthrough ushered to bing. Or is that improbable?

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No. OpenAI had enthusiastic and bright people who subscribed to the “move fast and break things” philosophy. They weren’t afraid to try things and sometimes fail.

Microsoft is the exact opposite. Study things to death and do the most conservative option.

Two completely incompatible approaches.

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@elbanditoroso: Ok. Just to be clear: the discovery is lost forever?

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Altman is back at Open AI now so the question is moot. I expect the project is going ahead.

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Microsoft like IBM is not about breakthroughs. Funny how that is compared to 40 years ago.
MS is a slow moving giant. I have not seen anything visionary from them in a very very long time. They are good at what they do, but they are not on the bleeding edge where amazing breakthroughs occur.
They are still in that mold of buy the intellectual property from the innovators who brings it to market and bury it in their product base.

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If it will open, here’s a great article from the New York Times about what happened. It seems that Microsoft is already a major investor in OpenAI and they probably wanted Altman for this new work. But now that he’s back and most of the old board is dissolved, the new work will continue there.

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Altman had been fired Friday after clashing with the board over his drive to transform OpenAI from a nonprofit organization focused on the scientific exploration of artificial intelligence into a business that builds products, attracts customers and lines up the funding needed to power AI tools. Members of the former board harbored concerns about the potential harms done by powerful, unchecked AI.

Sounds to me like he doesn’t really care about the exploration of and implications of AI, he just wants to turn it into a business to make money. And apparently he was fired for “being dishonest with the board”. – probably about his goals and project Q. Not at all sure I trust him.

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“Gonverment oversight” may be an oxymoron but I wish we had more of it in some areas.

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Edit: More spellchecks too!

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I don’t subscribe to the Ubermale model of history. Breakthroughs come in times and places where the conditions are right and the past has made the future ready for them, not from superior men with their superior brains. The cat is out of the bag as far as LLMs go. OpenAI is ahead of others, but they are also first into the headwinds. Microsoft will probably do what it does, which is steady profit making, and the gutsy startup will do what it does, which is crash and burn, sell out, or soar. Sam Altman’s career decisions will not change these futures substantially.

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