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This ?official photo of the SCOTUS bothers me. Does it bother you?

Asked by Jeruba (55734points) 2 months ago

U.S. Supreme Court

If so, why?

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Are they not supposed to smile?

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No, it’s their decisions that bother me.

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It is annoying that blacks and women are on the periphery with white men in the center.

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I see nothing wrong with this picture.

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No, it seems like just a picture.

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Fashion faux pas!

Samuel Alito Jr is wearing brown shoes.

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It’s a posed picture. It says nothing.

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Why does it bother you?

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Not enough diversity, therefore not a wide enough perspective.

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It is annoying that blacks and women are on the periphery with white men in the center.

Agree! Exactly what I was thinking! They may have done it that way based on height, which I understand is a pleasing aesthetic, but I think that should have been ignored considering the subject matter.

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Looks diverse to me, mirrors the US population except for Hispanic. Probably have to add one or two members to make it any better than it is if that’s what really matters to us. It’s certainly not the first thing I’d look for. It’s honestly the last. Clear out the ideological people with polarized viewpoints. Does not matter how diverse they are if they’re shit humans.

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It looks to me like they were posed according to height. If that’s the case, they likely also placed them according to skin tone. If they had put the two with darker skin tone near the center, the picture wouldn’t have the same balance.

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Looking at the details from your last Q about this from about a year ago, I would guess you don’t like the smiley faces.

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Of all of the substantive reasons to be critical of the SCOTUS, the arrangement of the Justices in a photo is pretty low on the list.

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It does not.

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The photo linked to by @canidmajor is not arranged by height so much and has a woman in the center group. Looks just fine.

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What bothers me is the Trump appointees in it, and other things I know about some of its members.

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Some good answers here.

I would love for the OP to return and say what about it bothers her, if anything.

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I thought I was crazy, there was an identical question recently about this. I too am curious why this is being asked other than to just spark conversation. I really don’t have a problem with them smiling, it would disturb me more if they were not. At least they can fake working together long enough for a picture to be taken. I can see why some don’t like it though, the supreme court is serious business and they seem rather nonchalant just sitting there smiling.

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@filmfann So you’re opposed to the Bostock decision that Gorsuch authored affirming trans rights?

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The last time this question was posted I said I thought the smiling was a bit troubling considering the impact their decisions have on us all and i made some comment on their choice of footwear.

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Not fair that the men are forced to wear neckties, and the women can get away with open necks. It’s unjust.

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