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How do I smooth the sides of a spoon?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33061points) 2 months ago

I had a teaspoon fall into the disposer of my kitchen sink – sadly, I turned on the disposer, heard some grinding, and immediately turned it off.

The sides of the bowl part of the spoon are nicked slightly where the disposer blades got into it. 98% of the spoon is just fine.

Is there a way to grind out the rough parts of the spoon? I’m not so worried about appearance, but more on smoothness and not snagging my lip on the side of the spoon.

Any adivce?

Stainless steel 18/20 I believe/

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I second the Dremel.

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Try a fine metal file, then diamond grit sandpaper. keeps us posted!

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Just use a file, then some medium grit sandpaper. You can use a dremel but this is all you have to do.

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Fine metal file, then medium and/or fine grit sandpaper.

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Thanks, all – will stop at the hardware tomorrow for a fine metal file ... stay tuned.

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Oh! Take it to your closest mower shop and ask them to take it off with their chainsaw chain sharpening wheel!

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You could just name it. I used to eat soup for lunch on Tuesdays with a college group. There was a rogue spoon with a scalloped edge and if you weren’t careful it could hurt. It became known as “the Dan Seinfeld memorial face-ripping spoon”.

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