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When is the last time that life has happened to you ?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24336points) 2 months ago

The best and worst recently?

Humor and serious answers welcome.

I bought some beef and short rib lasagna from Costco recently and will try it before Christmas.

Recently no bad news happened to me recently, other than having a website temporarily crash.

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Buying food at Costco, and planning to eat it within three weeks, is an example of life happening to a person?

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@Zaku Yes. Was like finding a treasure. The good side to life.

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I went to Costco today, and didn’t find the cauliflower wraps I mainly wanted to find. It was like not finding treasure. I bought only epsom salts there. I bought many things at Trader Joe, including some veggie chips, which I’m eating now. When I got home, my cat was lonely, and talked me into taking her for a walk. We enjoyed the walk.

Now I have a remote work meeting to prepare for.

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“No one can hit harder than life itself. It doesn’t matter how hard you can hit back. It’s about how much you can take and keep moving forward. How much you can suffer and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”. -Sylvester Stallone.

Life hit me hard on August 30, 2023. My heart suddenly for no apparent reason went into Persistent a-fib. I knew it instantly. Been dealing with a-fib for 22 years. It happened just one day before a series of long distance canoe races in Kona Hawaii. My 6 and 12 man teams depended on me. I told no one. I suffered (feeling sick and miserable) during and after the races. No one suspected that anything was wrong.

One month later my 6 man canoe team won 1st in our age group in two races at the USA National Championships in Sacramento, California. Again none of my team mates noticed anything significantly wrong with me during the races. One team mate just said I seemed unusually quiet.

I thought a lot about the quote from Sylvester Stallone in training practices and in the races. I gotta take the hits and keep moving forward. Life will knock you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You’ve got to get up and keep moving forward. “That’s how winning is done!”

In 2 weeks (12–21-2023) my heart expert (Electro Physiologist) will do a catheter ablation inside my heart in an attempt to restore my heart to normal rhythm. I’m trying to remain positive and yet prepare myself for any possible outcome.

Good health!
Stay strong!

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I made a discovery in mathematics. I asked about it on Math Stack Exchange and found out that t has been known for over 300 years and I only found a small part of it..

For anyone interested, iif involves Cassini’s dentity. I was looking for an x value that satisfied xFn – 1 is divisible by F(n+1). It turned out, as you can see from the equation, that in some cases x=Fn.

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“Life” happens to me every day because I make it happen. I read, I visit with people, I exercise, I paint, I do favors for friends, I go to the movies. I don’t sit around waiting for it.

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Good – Got the word today that my expected grandchild will be a granddaughter.

So-so – They didn’t like my suggestion of the name Minnie Mia for that granddaughter.

Bad – That bastion of socialized medicine, the VA, dropped me as being eligible after accepting me initially.

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“When is” is correct as life is happening all the time. I’m sitting here remembering the walk I went yesterday and planning my day and getting ready for the approach of Christmas. Everything is at my desk at the moment. I feel the universe is at my fingertips.

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I made it to the bathroom twice today without falling!

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I made another math discovery. This one is kind of fun and easty to explain. You may never look at a cube the sane way again.

First, let’s do two dimensions. Imagine a 3 by 3 square divided into 9 smaller squares. The square in the middle shares an edge or vertex with each other square. Since there are 8 other squares, the number of vertices and edges of the middle square must be 8, which is obviously so since a square has 4 vertices and 4 edges.

Now let’s go to 3 dimensiions. This time we divide a 3 by 3 by 3 cube into 27 small cubes. Think of a trasnsparent Rubik’s Cube. The cube in the center shares a vertex, edge or face with each of the 26 others, so faces + edges + vertices = 26, which is correct since there are 6 faces, 8 vertices and 12 edges.

If a 4 dimensional cube acts the same way, the number of components that it would have is 3**4 -1 = 80.

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For what it is worth, accordihg to Wikipedia, a four dimensional cube, called a teseract, does have 80 components. In addition to vertices, edges and faces, they have trhee dimensional compoents called cells. If you look the numbers of thses, shown on the right side of the page, and add them up, you get a total of 80.

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