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How do the Incredible Hulk's pants stay on?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33234points) December 26th, 2023

When he’s mild mannered Bruce Banner, his slacks fit just fine.

But he can change into the Hulk in matter of seconds, when he is in danger or his heart beats more than 200bpm. He goes from being a normal size (maybe a 38 -40) to hulk-size (BIG waist and other body parts).

So two related questions:

1) when he bulks up (hulks up) how does he not utterly destroy his pants and shirts? They can’t possibly expand to his hulkified body.

2) when he de-hulks and returns to his normal size, how do his pants fit? They were shredded and ripped because of his hulkification. Why do they fit now?

Is spandex that stretchy?

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Like duh! Spandex of course.

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Same reason Batman hasn’t been shot dead, or the Flash doesn’t suffocate or incinerate, et al. Because that would ruin the fun. Writers would have to constantly place convenient lamps and other things to hide his hulk junk. And quite frankly, in the time period it originated, even that likely wouldn’t have been acceptable.

I’m not aware of a canon explanation for it. It’s a suspension-of-disbelief kind of thing.

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It’s the only part of his body that shrinks during transformation.

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@Entropy Well, Batman wears bullet proof armor. And I’ve seen comics where he is seriously injured. But his mouth is always free, so I don’t understand why someone just doesn’t shoot him there and blow out his brainstem.

I can’t speak for Hulk as I’m a DC guy, not a Marvel guy. But I always assumed glue.

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@Entropy Those things wouldn’t ruin the fun for me, at all. In fact, I’d be highly entertained.

One of the main reasons I don’t much care for most super-hero fiction, is that logical consequences are often off the table, ignored, hand-waved, given silly reasons why they don’t happen, and/or we’re supposed to be entertained by the miraculous improbability, etc.

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With movies, TV shows, & characters, you enter the imagination station where it is because that’s the way the writers wrote it & they expect you to accept their imagination by NOT overthinking it…just go with the flow…it’s much more enjoyable!!!

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Super glue. What else???

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Are you expecting realism in a super hero movie? You are not supposed to question it, sorta like a cowboy getting 15 shots out of a six gun,or getting two or three rounds off out of a bolt action rifle with never working the bolt.

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What pants? Who is looking at his pants?
He doesn’t care. They are ripped to shreds anyway.

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This is exactly the kind of annoying question that I would ask when watching a Saturday night movie with my late husband. He would always answer “Just watch the movie.”

Now I just ask them silently, which is not as much fun as bugging my husband.

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@Jeruba so you leave it to ME to ask the annoying questions, instead.

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Stretchy pants.

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@elbanditoroso, those are our Easter eggs.

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In She Hulk, Banner says it’s Spandex.

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