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How many different pairs of socks do you own?

Asked by Magnus (2871points) October 26th, 2008 from iPhone

I have 20 pairs.

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I don’t wear socks twice. My sister gets me the same thing for Christmas every year. 300 pairs of socks.

And I do wash them and save them so I can donate them.

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i have absolutely no idea.
what kind of question is this anyway, magnus?

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Plain socks? No clue.

Funky fun mismatched with fuzz balls and stripes, individual toe bits, glitter, puffy paint,etc…. 56 and counting.

I have a problem.

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Lol @ johnpowell being barefoot 65 days a year.

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um, what size do you wear, JP?

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@Magnus: Flip-flops?

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@Magnus :: 65 days a year that I crawl out of bed and realize that I forgot to take my shoes off the night before. And, I’m already dressed so I just roll with what I had on when I passed out.

@harp :: 10.5 – Do I need to send some your way?

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@JP: And here I was giving you the benefit of the doubt.

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@asmonet :: Your generosity is noted. But the algorithm might be right.

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That includes 9 pairs of socks I just use for Ultimate frisbee. They’re more sweatproof and give me less blisters than my regular socks. Now I’m scratching my head, wondering who would want to know what I just shared?

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idk maybe 10–14

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@JP: Ha, I actually stumbled on that question about 10 minutes ago. :P

@trust: I’d be more curious and perhaps concerned about who is giving you lurve for it and why. :P

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hundreds…mostly black. i’ve a lot of onsies too. ppl seem to leave socks here (daughters friends) and one of my dogs is a sock stealer.

i only wear socks when it gets super cold. hate them.

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I’ve never counted my socks but since I have an extra 22 seconds of free time here on Fluther, I’m going to do the math in my head and estimate that I have 17 pairs of socks in the drawer at home.

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I don’t know for sure, but probably 40 pairs. 25 of them are white low cuts. Then I’ve got the obligatory navy, tan, and black and my 5 or so pairs of fuzzy foot-warmers. Now that I’m thinking about this, I wonder how I ever run out of white low cuts. I really need to kick up my laundry habits!

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JP: It might be bad form to re-use an old answer, but it’s all I’ve got.

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@JP, I was sharing with friends about Fluther today and brought up this wonderfully random question.

It occurred to me to ask… any idea why your sister gives you 300 pairs of socks?
Every year??

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Erm, it’s never occurred to me to actually count, but… probably 20–25.

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