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Are you surviving this winter weather?

Asked by KNOWITALL (29787points) January 9th, 2024

It appears many of us are soaking wet, pop up tornado’s, snowed in or getting 60+ mph winds. The north east and coast look really bad. Are you all okay?

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I was blessed in that the tornadoes went below me or above me with none coming over me!!! We had some flooding across the area but again I was blessed in that it wasn’t in my direct path. People north of me have NO power. People south of me have NO power. I have power, I have heat, I have food. I have a car filled with gas. Today is starting out as a beautiful day. Even the temp is cool but NOT freezing. What more could I ask for???

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I’m so glad!! When I saw the weather I immediately thought of all of you in the path. Scary!

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Here in the south-eastern section of NY (not too far from NYC), we got around 4 inches of snow Saturday into Sunday, and then Tuesday the rains came. Rain along with wind, all day Tuesday and today, just cold and very windy. Lots of flooding from overflowing rivers in Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey. Lots of frustrated people on the news because the floods are coming more often now.

Rains melted the snow. Now it’s just cold and windy – feels like winter.

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@jca2 Glad you’re okay!! Looked really rough.

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We are doing alright over here.

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We got around 4” of snow in Omaha, so not a big deal. Western NE had much more snow. High today was 32. We’re supposed to have a cold snap and more snow beginning Thursday night and into Friday. Sunday is supposed to be a high of -9 and a low of -17, not counting the wind chill factor, which will make it feel like anywhere from -20 to -40.

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@smudges Sounds like we’ll be in the same sustem here in Missouri. Suposed to ne 8 degrees Monday so likely parades will be cancelled. :( stay warm!!

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^^ You too! Brrrrrrrrrr!

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Here in California I had to put on a jacket this morning. The horror!

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^^ Awww pobrecita!

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I got out in the 11 degree weather this afternoon and cleaned the 5–6” of snow off of my car. I’m not going anywhere, but we’re supposed to get 5–6” more tonight and it would be a bitch to get that much off of it! It took 30 minutes and my fingers were sooo cold, even wearing two pairs of gloves!

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-30c (or -22f). I stocked up on canned food and fruit.

I would like to order KFC but I don’t want to put the driver out of this cold.

Extreme cold warnings for all of Alberta.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I just looked at your temperature, 1 a.m. Eastern time Friday and it’s -18 fahrenheit. Yikes!

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@RedDeerGuy1 Yikes, I’m freezing at 18F so I cant even imagine that. Wow. Be safe!

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We’ve had very light snowfall. My only complaint is a lingering cough.

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“Most of the Omaha metro is around 5 to 8 inches as of 9 a.m. Friday morning and it’s still snowing.” All day long and continuing as of now (7pm) we’ve had snow and wind. Every night until some time next week wind chills will be as low as -24, with regular low temps being below zero. It really sucks right now. Even the snow plows are having trouble due to the wind.

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10:13 am Saturday 1/13/24: Denver metro area, awoke to -10°F (-12°C)! You know it’s cold when Fahrenheit and Celsius readings are within 2°!
...and wind chill alerts through Tuesday the 16th!

We dripped all faucets overnight and still have some water issues I’ll be investigating!

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@Strauss We have a wind chill alert in Omaha until the 16th also! I just can’t imagine what the rest of Nebraska is like – out west on the plains!

When I got up at 8am it was -4 out (regular temp not wind chill). Now, at just after 1pm it’s -6 and sunny! What?? temps going down?!

I feel terrible. Yesterday, since I didn’t have any bird seed, I threw out some Almond Crunch cereal onto the patio for the birds. This morning I saw kitty prints and the cereal was gone. It’s killing me knowing there’s a cold, hungry, thirsty kitty out there somewhere and there’s almost 2 feet of snow!! F&*%!!

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What winter weather?

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In Indiana it’s currently bitter cold. Last night I put a little coat on my 16 lb dog and let her out to relieve herself. She almost didn’t make it back. This time I’m going to beef up her coat with a thick hand towel and safety pins, and I’m going to carry her out there, let her do her business, then carry her back inside.

We have all electric heat (ugh!) but we were smart and installed a wood stove shortly after we bought our house. It’s a tad small, but if the electric goes out, we should be able to survive and keep the pipes from freezing.

We have carefully prepared for such times as these.

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I’m gonna stay in bed today! Right now on the edge of the plains (1/15/23 8:48 AM) it is -6°F (-19°C) at Buckley Space Force Base, snow forecast to continue through the day. Temperatures will fall to a low of -10°F (-21°C) tonight @

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Lots of wind. Really challenging my area’s infrastructures, as tall bridges connect everything.

More flooding…....

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I should mention that going above 0 is warm where I live.

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We got up to 8 today!! Very exciting. I even saw some melted snow dripping off the roof!

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I am currently staying up all night (maybe) trying to thaw out pipes. Yikes!

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@snowberry The temperatures here in the Southeast section of NY won’t get above freezing until Monday. I was just thinking about the pipes this morning because we often get frozen kitchen sink pipes. So far, so good. The temperature was 14 here overnight, and is 19 now at 10 a.m. This type of bitter cold thankfully usually only comes once or twice per winter.

We had about three inches of snow yesterday, and I shoveled it midday but it continued to snow throughout yesterday, and it’s a sheet of ice out there now. Luckily I don’t have to go out until tomorrow afternoon. It won’t melt by then but maybe the sun will help a bit.

Schools were closed yesterday and there was a delay today.

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@jca2 Central Indiana here. I did indeed stay up all night. The pipes are in the garage against the back side of the living room wall. The garage is insulated, but not heated. The weather ap said it was about 1 F, and it sure was cold in the garage last night.

Normally the heat that escapes from that wall is enough to keep everything thawed out. However last night it was well below freezing inside the garage, but I caught it just before they burst. Two space heaters and the electricity didn’t go out! Woot!

Hubby woke up and relieved me of my vigil this morning at 5, so I fell into bed. He agreed that when it warms up, we will build an insulated structure around those pipes, and maybe a little heat source as well.

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Sure. Not my first Kansas winter!

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Scotland has been experiencing gales, driving rain and cold but ive not been there ive been in Chongqing which is a little chilly but dry and windless. We plan to go to Beihai tomorrow where the temperature is in the 70’s.

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It set a record high today here: 54. And just about a week ago it was -21, not windchill.

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