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Where can i find the best information on quantum physics?

Asked by sundayBastard (605points) September 24th, 2008

i’m just interested.

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What the Bleep Do We Know is an interesting film, and may be a good place to start.

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Have you taken Elementary and Advanced Physics, Intro to and Advanced Calculus? That would be a start.

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Probably somewhere in the future.

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I have seen the bleep movie and no I have not taken any of the above courses (I’m sure you are just trying to help, but if I took those courses. i mean surely I would know the answer to my question. Which I guess, then it would not exist and then…Oh my god! I think I just destroyed a parrallel universe.) Dammit! look what you made me do!

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I made you misspell “parallel,” I note. If you took those courses, then you would have some marginal preparation for learning something about Quantum Physics.

There are 57 footnotes of extra reading to help clarify the descriptive explaination.

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No, that is how you spell parallel in that “parrallel” but thank you for the link.

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Gailcalled is right, I have taken all of the prerequisite courses mentioned and I can tell you that you would want some sort of advanced scientific background. I have some interest in quantum physics but have not taken it yet because I have other, more pressing classes. (I’m not a physics major. Just ME)

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I think I will take these courses you speak of!

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In series, please, and not all at once. Have you got four free years? (It’s called advanced ed.)

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I will try gailcalled. I will try.

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Take a class. Or just go to a college and sit in on one. If the college is big enough no one will notice – professors don’t take roll when there are 100+ students. You could have students talk to you about it. It’ll help them learn (you understand things better when you try to explain them to someone else) and be interesting for you too.

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Good idea. Well really i just like the idea of sitting in a class I’m not even suppose to be in. lol

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sunday: Ha, it happens. I’ve done it, too. Especially when I want to check out a professor before I take their class. So go, sit, learn, and enjoy. =)

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I will, but I best be on my best behavior.

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