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If the pres. debate is pushed back, should it replace the veep debate throwing them off schedule as well?

Asked by EmpressPixie (14733points) September 24th, 2008

This is the solution the McCain camp has proposed: move the first presidential debate back to the first VP debate time slot. We’ve already got a thread going on moving the presidential debate and how we feel about that. I’d like to start a discussion about how we feel about moving the VP debate. Was this entire thing really yet another way to keep Sarah Palin from answering questions?

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looks like it doesn’t it.

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Something is off. I’m hoping it went down early enough that the Daily Show talks about it tonight.

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Colbert Report is the best place to get your news. it’s all a joke..

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It’s certainly buying time for the Republicans, but it just may work.

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If Friday’s debate is not held, I say the VP debate should go on as scheduled.

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The veep debate should go on as planned. I’d bet Fluther points it conveniently gets re-scheduled (goodness knows what the excuse will be from the Rep side) So Palin doesn’t have to answer anything until McCain has spoken/debated first.

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Bri, just from looking at the tag on that article, I’m fairly sure I saw the video. It was unbelievable! Well, entirely believable, but ridiculous! And McCain thinks she’s ready to run the country in his place? I shudder. I absolutely shudder.

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Yes, I used to have some faith in McCain, but the Palin pick really shows bad judgment. I find it frightening that someone as unprepared as she could be President if McCain wins and dies in office. Bri L’s video tells it all.

I just hope Obama beats him.

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