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What does it mean to support the underdog?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24596points) January 29th, 2024

In 1999 my philosophy professor said that he raised my mark because he supports the underdog.

He passed away in 2017 so I can’t ask him what he meant. I keep forgetting to ask him when I time travel.

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“Rooting for the underdog” is an idiom that means to support someone with less power or resources than their competitor. This phrase can be used in any situation, whether it’s sports, business, or any other setting, to express optimism and hope that the underdog will prevail.”


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The underdog is the one less likely to succeed. The professor probably figured you as less likely to succeed.

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Alicia Keys – Underdog

This goes out to the underdog
Keep on keeping at what you love
You’ll find that someday soon enough
You will rise up, rise up, yeah

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What do you think it means?

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@SnipSnip I think it is a Dungeons and Dragons true neutral alignment thing. In where the professor sided with me against the mainly Christian university. I questioned the status quo, and tried independent thought.

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^^ I think he simply saw that you were trying and was rooting for you. It’s not likely he would risk his job by going against a university.

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