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Can you recomend some good introductory , to advanced , critical thinking textbooks in diferent levels?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24649points) September 8th, 2016

Preferably from Amazon or eBay, but not required. From basic introduction to advanced graduate studies .

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I don’t know that there are different levels of critical thinking. Critical thinking is the correct use of logic to make decisions.

An important part of critical thinking is to be able to recognize what is not critical thinking, like the use of fallacies. For example, I remember people saying that it is wrong to use marijuana because 90% of heroin addicts started on pot. Do you see the fallacy here? Even if the 90% probability is correct, it does not tell us what the probability is that a marijuana user will end up as a heroin addict, which is in fact rather small.

I did a Web search and found a site that looks promising. I have not had a chance to check it further, but the Khan Academy is fairly reliable source.

I notice that there is a section of Bayesian probability, which is something a lot of people get tripped up over. For example, suppose a person tests positive for a certain disease and that the probability of a false positive is 10%. That does not mean that there is a 90% chance of having the disease. To determine the chances of having the disease, you need to know the percentage of the population with the disease and the probability of a false negative. Bayesian probability explains what these all mean and how to use them, which is not that difficult but, as I said, a lot of people don’t understand it.

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There are some excellent workbook- like text out now using the Critical Tinking Skills nomers also Problem Solving Skills. High School level are not as easy as some may dismiss. Now Colleges are also picking up on the increased subject matter used in HighSchool /College Courses. Vocational Tech Schools have long used them as a necessary job related skill set. Independant Thinking is another title- come to think of it. ( no pun intended) These are great ways to use skills that the out of the box- thinkers do so well with. Try teaching upper level critical thinking skills as a search idea. Enjoy!

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Are you interested in getting beyond the thought process?
or just staying within thought?

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