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Would Trump agree to abandon forever playing with US politics if theoretically he gets paid one trillion dollars to do it?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28788points) 1 month ago from iPhone

As asked. Thanks.

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In my humble opinion, he has a huge ego that needs to be stroked. He probably has what he considers enough money now, so the trillion dollars would not be an incentive. The ego stroking to stay involved in politics is probably what he needs and desires more. Standing in front of hundreds of people and having them hang on to his every word and cheer him on is precious to him.

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^^Reminds me of Sunset Blvd…

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^^ Trump and Norma Desmond. A Match made in H&^l

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Of course he would agree to that.
Right until after he gets the money, then he would claim he never agreed to that. But of course he will keep the money.

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NOOOOO…No matter how much you offer him, he’ll take advantage of the situation & ask for MORE!!! He has a track record on this & he NEVER surrenders on the first offer. It’s the art of his deal.

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For clarity, I would only like to add this:

1 million seconds is 11 days.

1 billion seconds is 31 years.

1 trillion seconds is 31,709 years.

I do not trust him to ever keep a promise or even a legal agreement.

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He would not keep his word, not matter how much he was paid.

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No of course not. The far right and the far left will do everything they can to keep Biden out of office.

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From birth, he has had access to more than enough money for any normal/sane person to happily fuck off and do practically whatever they want, for their entire life.

But he’s one of those tormented souls who will never be satisfied, and who is eternally taking out his internal torture on the rest of the world, in sickening ways.

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Yes, he would agree, with no intention of complying. And when all the contracts and statements and depositions were made public, he would deny it all and claim persecution, and an embarrassing number of the voting populace would believe him without question.

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He would renege ant the trillion dollars worth half a billion six months later.

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NATO countries might pay for it.
It would be worth it for them.

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$1 trillion tax free? HA!

I doubt he’d take it. Trump wants power not paola.

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Maybe we could start a go fund me page to see if that would be true.

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He’d obviously take it. Then he’d use it to get ahead in politics. We couldn’t stop him when he was a fake billionaire. How you gonna stop a for real trillionaire? As a plan, I’d rather just give him the Presidency.

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