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Which of King Charles' sons would you want to be friends with? Harry or William?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33230points) February 26th, 2024

Harry seems much more ‘real’ to me, while William appears to be a guy with a perpetual stick up his ass.

Knowing what you know about Princess Diana’s two sons, which do you think you would be more sympatico with – better friends, on the same wavelength?

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William. Harry does seem more fun, but as the eldest child in my own family, I see William doing as he must, which I completely understand and admire. I’m sure we’d have more in common.

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I used to like Harry more, but now he keeps saying he wants to be left alone and doesn’t want publicity, but yet he always seems to be seeking publicity with interviews, books, etc.

William seems like a stuffed shirt.

I don’t know. Actually none of the two, but if so, who? Not sure.

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Although Harry appears to be more fun, I don’t find him very trustworthy. William appears to be stuffier but I think you can probably depend on him to do more of what he says he’ll do. He has been in training to be King ALL his life & having fun wasn’t part of the training!!! I don’t feel that I’d want to be friends with either of them; however, I think William would fit better in my friend’s requirements where “trust” is on the TOP of the list.

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I think William is more reliable. Harry is too much of a loose cannon.

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I would pick William from what little I know.

Harry did that idiot move of wearing a Nazi uniform for Halloween when he was a young man, and now I think he is being an idiot for how he estranged himself from the family.

I don’t perceive Harry as more fun, I perceive him as immature. I don’t make any assumptions of how fun William is by how he appears in public. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a good sense of humor and is interesting and talkative when not in public. I have no real idea though.

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