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What is happening on X, the site formerly known as Twitter?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37402points) 2 months ago

I quit Twitter as soon as Musk started allowing hate speech, and I haven’t kept up with it more than reading headlines.

Are you a member? Do you know what’s happening on the site from first-hand experience? Do you know about it from reliable sources?

I’m hoping to get solid information. Please note this question is in General. I’m not looking for screeds or hearsay or short rants pro or con.

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I left about the time the name changed to X. It had gone from a place that I didn’t visit often to a place that I avoided. The hatred became unreasonable & I REFUSED to participate!!! Now I only visit when I hear somebody speak about something happening & I want to see it firsthand. Most times I leave faster than I arrived. It seems to me that Musk bought it thinking he could garner the support of the right wing. When that didn’t work, he decided to run it straight into the ground. He appears to be achieving his goal. After telling his advertisers to go fuck themselves, they ignored him & departed!!!

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I have an account, but I rarely post anything de novo, although I will reply from time to time. Mostly I keep it active for sports news and my engagement is very limited at that. For that type of social media I’m on Bluesky

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There was bunch of hate wayy before Musk showed up in Twitter’s history. With people being able to distroy people’s life’s over their past mistakes or bully them to kicking chair. Thats why I didn’t enter it and I don’t plan. Its a toxic pool

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I found apparently reliable statics about the user base here.

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I’m active on Twitter. I’m not sure exactly what info you’re interested in – have I seen more hate speech? I haven’t. I am squarely situated in “disability”, “long COVID”, “ME/CFS”, “lyme disease”, “scientific research”, and “academia” twitter. I don’t see much at all outside of that. The algorithm, to my understanding, feeds you tweets based on who you follow and what you like. I don’t venture much outside of my feed… the explore tab would look different, of course. People are largely kind and helpful, from what I see. But I do know of several people who have been harassed… I just haven’t been exposed to it.

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@Cupcake Thank you for that first-hand account.

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Aerospace on Twitter/X is still going pretty well. But there’s a lot more right wing and anti-vax crap floating around there now.

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Fandom still going strong.

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