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Do you believe Trump when he says he flips people's names, and slurs his words on purpose?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (23107points) 1 month ago

He says he is doing it out of sarcasm, and humor, like when he says you have to flush a toilet fifteen times, or showers putting out no water, you think to this is on purpose?

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Of course not.

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No, it’s just another feeble excuse on his part to explain away his mistakes. Just like when he makes inflammatory statements, and then he claims that he was just joking.

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Any slip Biden does and the right scream look at him he is losing it.
But seem fine with their hero constantly slurs and flips names, claim he is doing it on purpose.

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It’s like when a 5 year old trips, falls down, then says he did it on purpose to try not to look foolish and clumsy. Except trump is anything but cute.

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If his lips are moving, he’s lying.

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He isn’t smart enough to pull it off. This is real mental decline which he is trying to laugh off.

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The whoopies happen when the radio receiver from Putin fades in and out ! !

He is wired straight to the Kremlin.

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Umm . . . no.

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Not for a minute.

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Of course not, but surely that’s what you expect all (most) of us here to say.

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Of course. And monkeys fly out of my arse.

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Every now and then he throws in a true statement or two just to keep us off balance. Those aren’t among them.

We know he has a few loyal supporters around here, but they nevertheless seem pretty smart to me. I doubt that they believe that baloney either.

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