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How are you?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37328points) 1 month ago

What’s up? What’s cookin? What’s shakin? Anything new in your neighborhood?

I’m OK. Got some things happening, but it’s all going to be OK whichever way it turns out. My boyfriend’s hanai sister is in the hospital. In Hawaii, families often co-parent each other’s children in hanai relationships. The children grow up together. He’s very sad about his sister.

Some days, I get overwhelmed with the memories of a lifetime and just want to sit and drink tea, but the office wouldn’t understand, so here I am.

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I am doing alright. I am trying to find a new PC to use. I also plan to start working out and getting back in shape.

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Sending green light to his sister, I hope she is well soon. Very tough to have loved ones in the hospital.

I am still dealing with Long Covid, the frustration is enormous, but I am coping. My kiddo is settled in their new house, and is running around today retrieving recyclables because the wind was capricious last night. Welcome to home-ownership! :-)

My childhood friend is celebrating her 18th birthday today. She is older than I am. :-D

The sun is shining, spring is coming, my underdeck resident groundhog is still alive (I can smell him, glad he’s not an underdeck resident skunk!)

So, pretty much OK here. There is a lot to appreciate.

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Doing great here. My daffodils are coming up, a sure sign that spring is on the way!

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If I don’t think about war or politics, I’m doing fine. My relationships with my kids are finally on a solid footing and I have great friends and neighbors. I am very active in my Unitarian congregation and in various book and short story discussion groups. I’ve slacked off some in physical exercise but I hope to pick it up again as the weather warms up. I love just being in my home and doing things at my own rhythm as much as possible.

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I have one more month until I officially have a 365 day streak in Doulingo free French lessons.

I ordered a seat belt extender from. Amazon. For taxi rides.

Waiting for some paperwork for taxes, and forms to complain to Amazon and Microsoft, for not letting me cancel my subscriptions because I lost my email address info.

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Thanks for asking !

Income taxes are done; my wife, the person with a MBA in Finance, crushed it in 3 hours.

Salmon with crab stuffing for dinner.

Daffodils are popping up in backyard.

Screen porch furniture is covered with tarps waiting for pine pollen, suppose to be real bad this Spring.

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I’m pretty good. I spent yesterday in the Zhao Mu mountains walking up to the pagoda. Red and pink and yellow flowers were beginning to open and the unfamiliar birdsong was loud and souded like liquid music. From the summit the skyscrapers of Chongqing stretched to the horizon in all directions.

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I’m doing ok. I am busy most days of the week with stuff – between volunteering for the local historian, going to a few senior meetings a month, book group, shopping, doing things iwth my teenage daughter, and running miscellaneous errands. I really would like to get over to the library for just one afternoon and spend a glorious day reading magazines (specifically the Atlantic Monthly).

My daughter has her road test tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

I’m about an hour from @canidmajor and we also had really bad wind for the past 24 hours. There was no internet in the early morning and so the school had a 2 hour delay. Luckily no trees fell anywhere around here, that I know of.

I really love not having to work and not having to jump out of bed and guzzle coffee and have that awful commute. I’m so happy when I wake up and I have the whole morning free to take my time.

I’m kind of in an odd spot because I’m younger than most retirees. When I go to senior groups, most people are in their 70s and 80s and have kids my age. However, most parents of my daughter’s friends are younger than I am.

Thanks for asking!

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Doing well. Had my first colonoscopy, after dreading it so long it was anticlimactic.
Taxes done (Thanks for screwing usTrump.)
Garden turned, composted and seedings all in. My husband got his license to be a home grower of cannabis so he’s happy and building a greenhouse.
I can’t help but think of all the hoppies who have passed who only wanted this option. Makes me sad sometimes.
Wishing you all a happy Lent/Easter/March/Spring.

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@KNOWITALL I’m having a colonoscopy next week. I had one ten years ago, same doctor. He told me the prep now is better than it was ten years ago. He said now it’s tasteless (it’s Miralax, last time it was a prescription). I remember ten years ago, it was like torture because it was so disgusting, the drinking part, not the shitting part. I tell everyone the prep was awful but the procedure is effortless.

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@jca2 My prep was the salt drink and pretty gross but I chugged it. That propofol is a great nap and easy wake-up! Much better than 30 years ago with my wisdom teeth. Good luck to you!!

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I actually woke up in the middle of a colonoscopy and yelled “F-U-C-K!!” cuz it hurt! Doc said give her more meds.

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^You are guys making me afraid of middle-age D:

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I’m better. Recovering from burnout. Slooowly starting to feel more energetic. Life has gotten more difficult because we’re getting evicted from a place we really don’t want to leave. But still, in comparison to this time last year, I feel better and much more optimistic.

How’s the sister doing?

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@longgone I’m sorry you’re moving. Whose sister are you asking about?

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^^ Your boyfriend’s hanai sister in the hospital. :)

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I’m sorry to hear you’re having to move, @longgone. Moving is so stressful!

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Thank you. There is very little known. It sounds like rapid-onset dementia to me, but the doctors are all baffled. They’ve done some tests, and the results are inconclusive. They even did a spinal tap leading to even more questions. It’s all very sad.

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On a positive note. I am one day away from a one years streak on my free French lessons from Duolingo. I get to open a chest tomorrow. I finally accomplished something through hard work and perseverance.

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