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Biden and Trump are both "running" for POTUS. Who would win, if they had to physically "run?"?

Asked by MrGrimm888 (18974points) 1 month ago

It’s NFL Combine time.
For those unfamiliar, it’s when all of this year’s draft prospects go through a long series of tests.
Mainly things like 40 yard dash times, broad jump, bench press, cone drills etc.

This time of year, many of my friends will be betting cash, on who can beat who in a foot race.

Many average citizens will attempt some of the drills, to see where they stack up.

They are obviously, mature in age. So let’s keep it simple.

A 40 yard race.
A 100 yard race. (Yards are practically meters.)

Which senior candidate, is REALLY best fit?

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Biden by miles and miles; Trump would need a golf cart with a V8 engine ! Trump is a PUTZ !.

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Trump rides a golf cart onto the putting green, because he’s too fat and lazy to walk those few meters.

Biden is fit and wiry, and he gets great pleasure from swimming, bike riding, and other cardio-vascular activities.

I dunno…where should I bet my smart money?

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^Well. We have to factor in, that one (or both,) may not survive the race…

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I heard Colbert or one of those guys say that the one thing the two parties have in common is they’re both waiting for their potus candidates to die.

I think I’d bet on Biden.

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Trump might win in a short sprint, but would vapor lock before reaching 100 yards.
Biden bicycles, so he might have more stamina.

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Trump would limp in half an hour after Biden and declare he won because the judges were biased.

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Trump survived a Stunner from Stone Cold Steve Austin. So I would vote Trump.

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^^ But that has nothing to do with running, and I’d bet that Austin pulled his punch.

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@smudges I was thinking about more Hit Points, and constitution.

The stunner looked real enough. It is possible that it was staged.

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I’m positive it was staged. Do you think his bodyguards or anyone else would allow him to be punched for real?? It was publicity.

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45 would win because he would CHEAT & push Biden down as he passes him!!!

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When I watch both of these old guys walk I’m not sure if either could finish.

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Biden is thin and was always physically fit, however, now he shuffles his feet.

Trump looks to me like he couldn’t run far because he’s overweight.

I’d say Biden falls flat on his face and Trump runs 30 feet and gets winded and can’t continue. Both forfeit.

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Biden would forget where he’s going.

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Trump would sell the Russian operatives in the CIA , like the missing one from his White House secret documents ! ! !

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