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Is it true that electric cars weigh more than normal cars?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24431points) 1 month ago

In Alberta they are leveling a $200 tax on electric cars, because they cause more wear on the roads. From increased weight.

Does that make sense? Or is it a tax grab?

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Yes. Batteries are heavy.

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EVs do weigh more (for the same class of vehicle—which is important) but commercial trucks are the ones that do the damage to roads. EVs are tiny by comparison. Not to mention the expense of climate change.

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Yes they do.
Yes it makes sense.
No, Its not a tax grab. Taxes have been based on vehicle weight for over a thousand years.

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It’s probably a tax grab. Yet, I have read that they weigh as much as 10 times more than their gasoline counterpart due to ALL the batteries. Actually, I’m surprised that they only increased $200.

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Not 10x! More like a few hundred pounds, esp. comparing a little EV vs a little gas econocar. Engine blocks and automatic transmissions in gas cars are pretty heavy, which EVs don’t have.

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EV tires wear out much faster due to the heavier weight also. All that extra rubber gets washed into our steams and out the oceans.

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Teslas get performance tires, which don’t last very long anyway. Similar to Acuras. The 2 Integras I ever bought came with fancy tires that only lasted around 30,000 miles. I had to choose lower traction tires with longer treadlife after the OEM ones wore out.

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Yes, some vehicles are 1500 to 2000 or more pounds heavier.

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Yes they are quite a bit heavier because of the batteries. Those things weigh a lot.

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Gas engines and 8-speed automatic transmissions weigh a lot too.

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The question was asked in generalities and answered the same way. @RocketGuy

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