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What, if anything, does it mean if a woman walks away with her hands in her backpockets?

Asked by LostInParadise (31895points) 1 month ago

I just saw someone doing this, and it seemed a little odd. My first inclination, which I did not act on, was to walk behind her and poke a finger at one of her hands. Have you ever seen someone walk this way?

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It means she is comfortable walking that way. (Are you honeybunch?)

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She is checking for her credit card. In order to place an order at a restaurant.

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Her butt is too large (or she feels that way) and she wants to push it forward to accent the front of her body.

Or perhaps her back hurts and this is a way to talk straighter.

Or she is checking if she was pickpocketed.

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Maybe her fingers are cold. Maybe she is stretching her shoulders. Maybe she knows that a person behind her will ask an extremely silly question on an Internet forum.

Do you think it would mean something different if a man did that?

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I’d guess she’s feeling very confident. Or maybe she’s a country line dancer. ;)

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I wouldn’t read too much in to it. Not like she is a panda
presenting? Or anything weird like that.

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It means she wishes it was your hands in her back pockets, squeezin’ that cake. ;)

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Could just be a habit. I used to see this more in the 70’s and 80’s.

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Maybe she needed a place to put her hands.

I wouldn’t touch her, if I were you.

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I would not do anything unless it was someone I knew very well. The most I would ever do would be to give one soft poke against the back of one of her hands – hardly an example of sexual assault.

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@LostInParadise I wasn’t implying anything about sexual assault, nor was I accusing you of such a thought. I was just meaning I wouldn’t touch someone unless I knew them very well and knew it wouldn’t bother them. If you know them, they might take it as playful. If you don’t know them, they might be annoyed.

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Poking someone you don’t know is just asking for trouble.

Nothing out of the ordinary to see this or walk this way wither approaching or walking away.

Seems like an overthink.

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Maybe she’s someone who doesn’t overthink body movements?

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I am going to walk with my hands in my back pockets for the next week.

I will report back how many pokes.

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Maybe she was hoping it would draw your eyes to her backside as she walked away & enjoy the view!!!

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It’s just a habit.

I’m wondering, though, why you say “walks away” and not, say, “walks by.” Away from you? Do you know her? Did you take it as expressing something to or about you? It is of concern to you and not just idle curiosity?

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^^ I’m wondering the same things. Why say “walks away”?

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@janbb Ha! I had to double check to see if Honeybunch was asking this question!

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“I would not do anything unless it was someone I knew very well. The most I would ever do would be to give one soft poke against the back of one of her hands – hardly an example of sexual assault.”

Not quite sexual assault, no…but any poking that’s felt on sensitive body parts is really tricky. I wouldn’t love randomly being touched like that, at all. Not even if the poker was my sister or my partner. It would be startling and awkward.

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I said walks away because I first saw her standing near the entrance to a room and then saw her walk down a corridor connected to the entrance.

@longgone , The back of the hand is not an erogenous zone and does not have very many touch sensors. You would barely notice being softly poked on it, especially since any touch would be further softened by the backpocket.

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What is the impulse to poke about? I don’t relate to that.

As I picture the gesture, it conveys a sense of shutting off or shrugging off, a kind of “so much for that, then.” Hands are withdrawn, stiff and inactive: no offering, no receiving, no expressing. Maybe she was hoping to catch the attention of someone in the room, and he appeared to ignore her. So then, hands tucked away: “Forget that, I didn’t really need to talk to him anyway.”

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I see the impulse to poke as a friendly gesture toward someone wiith whom you are well acquainted.

The way you pictured the gesture is rather accurate. It was as if the woman was pushing herself forward. Her feet pretty much slid across the floor. There was not the slightest bit of a wiggle or hip sway.

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She is relaxed, confident. And, maybe she is proud of her tits.

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No idea! I don’t believe I have ever put my hands in the back pockets of pants or jeans.

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Putting hands in frontpockets seems perfectly natural to me, but putting hands in backpockets seems a little odd.

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Remember when people kept a comb in the back pocket of their jeans. Reaching to your back pocket was happening a lot by a lot of people in the late ‘70’s and early ‘80’s.

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