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Did you miss me?

Asked by anniereborn (15511points) 1 month ago

I sure missed all of you! I finally got my account back. A lot has happened in my life since we were last together.

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Welcome home! I missed seeing you here, but I always like seeing you on Facebook. <3

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@canidmajor Kinda two different worlds though, huh?

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~Yes with every spit ball.

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@anniereborn Just kidding. (((HUGS))).

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Missed you here! Glad that you’re back now!

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Yes!!! Didn’t know your account had issues. I’ve missed you as well as worried about you! So glad to see you! <3

Tell us what’s been going on if you’d like.

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Yaaaay! I’m glad you fixed your account access! Welcome back!

How are things going with you?

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Welcome back!

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Thank you for the kindness everyone. Grief is still by my side. Jeff will always live in my heart and I miss him every single day. It will be 3 years next month since he has been gone. It’s so hard to believe. It will be two years soon since I moved into my apartment. I’m learning to not hate it as much.
The big news is that I am seeing someone. It almost feels like blasphemy to say that here. But I know Jeff would be glad that I have a someone. And he is a really amazing person. He lives 600 miles away, so that has been a challenge. Please know that I have not forgotten all the support I got here. I am happy to be back.

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It’s so good to see you! Welcome back!

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I wondered why you disappeared and I’m glad you are back.

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Yes, I did. I wondered what had happened. Glad you’re back!

Makes me miss Auggie again, too. Our Fluthergods and mods are wonderful to keep us going, but Auggie had that special touch. She’d have fixed you right up.

And it’s very good to know you’re seeing someone. Of course no one could replace Jeff. But you’re wise to know that someone who loves you would wish you to find another companion.

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I’m glad to hear that you’re seeing someone. I’m guessing it’s bittersweet, but it’s good for you to engage with someone in that way.

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@smudges Yes, it is very bittersweet. But he is very understanding and inclusive of Jeff in our lives.

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Welcome back!! So nice to see you.

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@anniereborn Awwww…that’s so great! He sounds like a winner.

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@anniereborn Glad you are back!

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Welcome home <3

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Good to see you!

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Yaaaay! @anniereborn again again!

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