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Do you still like white kitchens?

Asked by JLeslie (65398points) 1 month ago from iPhone

The white kitchen trend was really big for a while, but now it’s changing away from white. Not only white cabinets, but often the countertop was mostly white also.

What color cabinets would you pick if you were designing your kitchen?

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If I were designing a kitchen, I’d pick orange.

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I never liked a white kitchen. Too stark and sterile. And too demanding.

I want a kitchen that looks warm and cheery. I always think a kitchen should be done in edible colors, such as yellow, orange, rust, cream, and a touch of green. Not that you can’t find bright red and blue and purple things to eat, but those are more flowery than foody.

If I were planning a redo now, though, I would want natural wood cabinets in a medium hue such as maple.

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No, seems boring. I’d like a dusky blue kitchen with a wooden countertop. My current kitchen is white and wood, and I’m okay with it. We added an accent wall in teal for some colour.

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Never have liked them; never had one. My kitchen has blue and white patterned wallpaper. I had my oak cabinets painted light blue a few years ago and there are still some free-standing oak pieces.

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matte black with walnut accents.

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I had my kitchen redone in 2021. I went with a medium gray color for the cabinets and a mixed gray, black and white for the backsplash. I went with a gray and white swirl granite for the countertop.

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Here’s what I love: white appliances. The look is clean and classic. I have a rather small, U-shaped kitchen, and my white stove, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator give the space a bright, open feel.

I paired the white appliances with traditional cherrywood cabinets. I love the outcome and, as an avid cook, I always enjoy being within that cozy room.

The kitchen was gutted and rebuilt 5 years ago, after a building fire. I got to choose exactly what I’d wanted.

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@Love_my_doggie I love white appliances too. Never got into stainless steel ones.

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I love all of these answers. Thank you for sharing.

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I have never liked white kitchens, @Jeruba’s “stark and sterile” describes perfectly how I also feel. I prefer wooden cabinets, beige or soft colored counters, preferably Formica or equivalent that won’t chip my dishes. I never care what the appliances look like, as long as they work.

Practical and warm over everything else for me. But then, I have no sense of style, so if it works, and I don’t actively hate it, I’m fine with it.

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It’s hard for me to choose one over the other. I’ve seen white kitchens often on shows on HGTV and Magnolia (Chip and Joanna Gaines, for example) and they can be very nice and luxurious looking. I follow a lady on FB who does a lot of rehab in her barn house with things she picks up at tag sales and discarded stuff, and she has black cabinets with a lot of rustic decor, and it looks really charming. My parents used to rent a house in Cape Cod that had red cabinets from IKEA and they were great looking. We stayed at a time share once in VA, which had light tan cabinets with a light colored countertop, and it worked in the space it was in. My cousin and her husband in the city has white cabinets with white quartz countertops that has green and copper veins running through, and it’s gorgeous. In their previous co-op, they had white cabinets with a gorgeous, dramatic blue marble with silver veining, from Brazil – really gorgeous and unusual looking. I’ve seen colored painted cabinets on Instagram which are often really nice, too, blues or dark teals (like a piney-teal). I follow some paint companies and English kitchen companies (deVOL Kitchens, for example) on Instagram and they showcase incredible painted cabinets, some glamorous, some homey and charming, and it all works.

For me, if it’s white with a white backsplash it can be boring looking, but depending on other things (countertop, backsplash, space it’s in) it can be nice, and other colors can be just as nice.

Here’s deVOL Kitchens – you’ll see all sorts of colors and they all work beautifully. I love green (the “Crouch Kitchen” on the site), too.

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Marble and wood look here.

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Mine are solid cherry and I will never do anything to change them. Before I moved here I had wooden cabinets but not enough. When I renovated that house I gutted the kitchen and put the tall wall cabinets (42” if memory serves) cabinets and added a pantry. The cabinets were wood but finished in satin white. The countertop was also white. The walls were plum colored. It was gorgeous. Well, to me it was. That was in 1994.

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BTW I never liked white kitchens, or any other white room. People who like white bitch at the children too much.

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@jca2 That is my problem, I can’t choose one over the other, I like all types of cabinetry and countertops. I love white kitchens, but I do think it can be hard on the eyes. Doesn’t feel as cozy. I had a white kitchen when I was first married, the house came that way. In NC I had cherry cabinets, and I loved them at the time. Now, I have brown/grey cabinets, and I love the color. Some people see them grey and some people see them brown. I have also had espresso, which looked black until you put them next to black, and also a medium wood color in one house. Although, I tend to prefer dark wood or very light rather than the medium colors.

As much as I like a very modern look, I also like farmhouse, and very casual, and it just really matters from one house to another and the setting.

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@JLeslie If I were you, I’d print out some photos of what you like, and what’s inspiring and put the photos up and ponder them for a few weeks. While you have those up, keep notes about your thoughts and ideas, and let it flow.

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Gonna post a pic of my new kitchen one of these days.

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