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How do you cope with grief when a beloved pet passes away?

Asked by jlk2525 (176points) July 5th, 2014

My guinea pig who was like my baby passed on yesterday unexpectedly. The experience was quite traumatic as I did as much as I could to save him and keep him comfortable but his life still ended in pain. I have many great memories with him but it only makes me feel even more sad as I’ll never get to have them with him again.

For those who have been in a similar situation with any pet, do you have any advice on how to cope with dealing with it?

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I’m sorry for your loss. I think the only advice is to give yourself time. You will feel quite a void in your life for a while if you’ve spent a lot of time with your pet. Perhaps you can do something like plant something or have a ceremony to give yourself some closure? I found a big rock (not huge but big enough to mark the spot) that sits over the place where my cats are buried. I regularly notice it when I’m in my garden and think about my old friends. Give yourself time to grieve.

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You must have a funeral and a burial and cry for your hammie.

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Only time helps. You have to grieve your loss, which is very real. Try to comfort yourself with the thought that he knew you loved him and were trying to care for him.

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I used to be in a worse situation. When I was young, I had a dog who I considered the best friend. And he died… probably because I fed him on something he shouldn’t have eaten. I lived in sadness and guilt for a long time.

I agree with @marinelife, time will mend it. Try to distract yourself with your hobby in the mean time. Maybe you can go on a vacation, take part in a volunteer club… just try to distract yourself. Let time do its work.

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I too am sorry for your loss. Yes, time is the only thing that will make a difference. Grieve freely but also try to remember that death is part of the life experience and while we feel sad take comfort in knowing that you gave your pet a wonderful life and home and love.

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So sorry. I know you tried to take very good care of him. Small animals are tough, as there is often very little you can do to help.

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I completely understand how you feel and I’m sorry for your loss. As others have said, only the passing of time will ease your sadness.

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I had him cremated. I’m going to keep him with me so that when I pass on he can be put with my ashes. I just can’t move past the guilt, it’s unbearable. What else could I have done? What if I called this person? What if I didn’t do something? Everyone is telling me there wasn’t anything anyone could do, that once he showed signs of being sick it was too late. I can’t stop thinking about what I could have done differently. I miss him so much.

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