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Do you know a good site to download/stream movies?

Asked by Fallstand (1130points) August 8th, 2007

I've been using TV Links ( to stream movies, but I was wondering if theres a better one out there, or even a torrent site to download some...

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iTunes Store name a few.

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I feed my need for movies with scrapetorrent. It searches the popular torrent sites and gives really good results. 95% of the time I can get what I want there. I don't know about streaming, I would just use Bittorrent.

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For streaming movies, go to . It has a compete list of almost all the movie-streaming sites on the internet. Also it has a search engine to search for a movie between movie-streaming sites. Quality wise i like for stage6 videos

For downloading, is good but is safer since its a private site and some sections are members only

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total novice answer, but just to add to the list that google video has some random cool stuff (i didn't realize until recently that there are many whole movies there)

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i stream alot of stuff from its a bit of a paint to go through because the search engine is terrible, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes easier.

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I've been using the following site a lot lately:

Basesd in the U.K., but they keep fairly up to date on American television, movies, and a ton of other stuff. While I agree that torrents are the best way to go, an option like this is just easy. Click and view.

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Hi everyone! I tried to download movies from some of these sites, but I ran into troubles I don't understand. I have a couple questions: 1) Are these videos suppose to download or stream (or do I have a choice?) and 2) Is there a program I need to install for movies to stream or to play once they are downloaded? Thank you in advance, this is great information!

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@helena, if you want to stream movies, go to, - you dont need to download any program for streaming other than the DivX web player

if you want to download, first you need to get a torrent client like uTorrent - then use uTorrent to download, use Win Media Player or VLC player to watch the movies.

If you arent tech-savvy, just stick to streaming movies

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Thank you, Mirza!

picolo's avatar is a dedicated search engine for free streaming movies etc you should give it a try ;)

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You can try they provide movie downloads at incredibly high speed.

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To download movies I have locked a good site. :)

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Streaming Movies is not a hard job at internet. All you need to find a website and register it where you can found all the latest videos and upcoming movies trailer to watch at sites like Moreover you are provided with the direct access to .FLV, MP4 and other supported video extensions for playing online videos.

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