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What foods and drinks is it not recommended to eat or drink together?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24657points) April 4th, 2024

Like apple juice and milk.

Humor welcome.

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Beans or Lentils with Alcohol. Your intestines will not thanks you.
A former favorite of mine – Burger and a Beer. Your liver will process the Beer first and leave the fat floating in your bloodstream. Bloated!

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If you’re a devout Jew or devout Moslem, milk products and meat products eaten together break dietary laws. And nothing from a pig, of course.

Pepperoni pizza and beer can collectively cause large explosions.

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Pop rocks and Coca-cola. Grapefruit and asparagus. Calves liver and chocolate.

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Mentos and coke might not be a good idea.

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Gatorade and liquor.
Hands down.
It gets people wasted super wasted.

In my drinking days, Red Bull, Gatorade, and 80+ proof liquor of your choice would get me into some interesting situations.

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…and don’t drink o.j. right after brushing your teeth. yuk

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J├Ągermeister and anything.

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Citrus fruit and cream. You can add cream to your tea or add lemon, but don’t do both, because it will curdle.

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I know this is popular with some folks, but milk with tomato sauce (pasta, meatballs, etc.). Totally turns my stomach.

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Cherry pits and isopropyl alcohol.

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While I was growing up, watermelon & ice cream were considered a HUGE no-no. I NEVER fell for that one & tried it as an adult without getting sick. I think that rule was because parents didn’t want to buy the 2 at the same time.

NEVER give a drunk a coffee with cream or they will puke all over the place. Black coffee is fine…just NO cream!!!

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My buddy from 50 years ago will tell you; half a 18” pepperoni pizza and a six pack of Bud.

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Cheese and fish.

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piss and vinegar

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