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Aww. Not me. I’m not feeling the lurve. :(

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well I lurve you, tiny :)

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Right back at ya!

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I just noticed that my topics got cut off, too! It should read: someone’s asleep at the lurve button, not but!

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I hardly ever get any of the stuff.

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I gave up caring when people who never give informative answers started getting over 5000 points. Now we’re up to 10,000 and they couldn’t mean less to me…
...which is get excited when I get that super mega chain of +1s, which I get every now and again. I figure it is just Fluther’s way of re-invigorating the Lurve counter!

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I don’t recall ever being over-lurved. C’est la vie.

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yea ive gotten random chains of +1’s. Fluther tends to glitch like that every now and then.

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That’s been a known bug for a while. Not sure what causes it. It seems to happen randomly. Until it’s fixed, enjoy the free random lurve!

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Free lurve…never a bad thing I guess! Thanks for the info.

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It’s not a glitch. Fluther is just extra happy to see you on that day. =)

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Lurve isn’t entirely important to me in a point sense but it does show that others liked your response. You can get lurve through other ways as well through asking questions, posting responses and visitations. Someone adding you or adding somebody else to their following (I think) gets you lurve as well.

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