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Can anyone tell me why my Lurve score list often shows more GAs than are posted?

Asked by janbb (62905points) 3 weeks ago

I know my lurve won’t go up any more since we’re all maxed out on each other. But fairly frequently the GAs for an answer in my list are many more than are posted on the actual OP. It happens quite a lot to me and I’m sure to others. Yeah, I’m that petty!

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Sometimes Fluther has delay. Most of the times it rights itself over an hour.

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I have noticed discrepancies too, following!

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It has a timing lag sometimes.

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^^ I’ll keep checking the last instance but it doesn’t seem to be that.

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Nope, not updated – 7 on my Lurve account list and 3 still on the OP.

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Poor Fluther. Sometimes I wonder why anything works around here.

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@Hawaii_Jake True. Not many sites from 2007 are still extant.

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But I am glad that it does!

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