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When someone says "back in my day", when exactly did "their day" end?

Asked by ragingloli (51991points) 3 weeks ago

as asked.

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Before electric lighting the day ended when the sun sets.

As I was a night owl my day started at 9pm. And ended at 7am when I got home from the night shift at a conveniece store.

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From when the person was 21 to when they were 48.

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When these ended :

Milk delivered to the door in glass bottles

Bread truck with home delivery

Dry cleaner door to door

Fruit sales like oranges door to door

Phone was party-line. (two longs and one short)

There were rabbit ears or antenna on the roof only TV ! !

Jets flew, over the speed of sound in USA

TV was in black and white

There was a “penny post card”

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When they died.

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When they were kids to teenagers to young adults.

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When they were the age of the person they’re saying “back in my day” to.

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Whenever they want it to.

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Before there was an internet

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Well, back in MY day every single person was always polite and respectful and everyone could even spel.

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I think most people equate “my day” with when they were growing up. Of course that could be anywhere between what? … 5 and 20-ish?

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When the next generation of kids were born & changed everything.

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I suppose, one would be referring to when they felt they were at their prime.

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^^ But when did it end is the question. I said it ended when they died because everything before that was “back in my day”.

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^I feel it’s more subjective.
Especially, if one feels that they have or are declining in health.

I have to admit, I have never said “back in ‘my’ day.”
“Back in the day,” to me, has a spectrum.
There’s “back in the day” – “waaayyy back in the day.”
The longer I say “way,” the further back in time.

I wasn’t alive wwwwwaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy back in the day.

But. I remember way back in the day, when I trusted my government.

I may also add things like way “the fuck” back in the day.

Occasionally, I will say something was “back in your days.”

Some days, are just “not my day.” Or, in my life, not my year, not my decade, etc.

If I’m dead, I can’t say “back in my day.” So. Your context, is off.
Unless you are hearing me talk, through a Ouija (“weegy”) board.

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