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California residents: How much more expensive have things gotten for you since the minimum wage was raised two weeks ago?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33182points) 1 week ago

Not relevant for this answer: Philosophical treatises on minimum wages, macroeconomics, justice, racism, socialism. Simply not useful.

If you’re living in California, where the minimum wage was raised to $20 on April 1 -

What have you noticed?

Has it changed your buying habits?

Are things tangibly more expensive for you? How are you coping? (if it’s a problem)

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Haven’t noticed it, an I am famously cheap.

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No notable rise in prices this month, just a general inflationary trend that began during the pandemic and shows no signs of letting up. I remember when a bag of groceries didn’t cost $70…

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Give it six months

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^^I feel like fast food everywhere has gotten ridiculously expensive, although not as much as that article talks about. I see it as a win-win situation though because I need to eat less fast food in my life and the rising prices are helping with that.

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I haven’t seen much of it within my usual shopping circuit, but I don’t have much to do with restaurants and fast food places.

What I have seen is some local news stories of businesses, especially small restaurants, that have closed or are about to close because they can’t meet the new requirement.

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I have not seen any increase in prices, just an increase in poorly written news articles.

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Fast food is overpriced everywhere. Chain restaurants here used the worker shortage as an excuse to hire less and give less service. Truth came out that there was no actual shortage of qualified applicants. Then they blamed inflation for high prices but it was a strategic price hike.

This will be yet another excuse to hike prices.

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Nothing I’ve noticed.

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Well 2 weeks isn’t really enough time to do the books to see the impact.

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