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After hitting rock bottom when did the tides finally go your way?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24648points) 2 months ago

What helped you?
Or did it fix itself over time?

For me time, social assistance, and some books. (A Course in Miracles, Emotional intelligence, Creative visualization, and Tyrants of the Nine Hells)

Also someone who caused me great suffering died.

Being diagnosed with I.B.S. and learning how to avoid trigger foods helped.

Some medications helped.

My mom, and Fluther were invaluable.

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Like you, @RedDeerGuy1, I got assistance from some wise people who gave me tools and taught me how to use them to gain resilience. I also met some excellent therapists who guided me through the process of healing a lot of past trauma. That was very scary, but it became rewarding.

None of it would have simply fixed itself. It took a lot of work by myself with the good assistance of knowledgeable people. It is impossible to do that kind of healing by one’s self. It requires guides.

The tools were sobriety that was enhanced by instruction from other recovered alcoholics and therapy that was led by educated and empathetic people. Sobriety by itself was an excellent start, but the guides in that beginning did not have the expertise to help me heal trauma. That was done in great part in therapy.

Therapy was aided by meditation. I have learned through meditation how not to immediately react to what passes through my mind. I can observe and mull over matters and then react. That ability is not possible in a brain with unprocessed trauma. It is only possible after much work to heal trauma.

I also take medication for mental health difficulties. I am grateful that I have a medicine that works well, and I take it every day without fail.

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My rock bottom is going to be different from yours. Everybody has a different one. Mine was very easy. I got a divorce and it went away. It took some time as I was the primary custodian of 3 small children and I had to rearrange my life a good bit but once that was done, things went smoothly. I was happiest the day she drove away in the U-Haul.

My dad, on the other hand, took a far longer time down a much darker road to hit rock bottom and then to get himself out of it. He spiraled down to the point my mom divorced him and threw him out of the house. He ended up at one point living in a tent in the state park. He never did get back to normal. I believe the issue was that he was never willing to admit he had a problem and then to get the help he needed with it. He became self-sufficient, but that is about all I can say. He never did thrive.

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Everyone’s “Rock Bottom” is different and the timing of it can make it worse. We also carry some things with us always. Look at your own “shit”, but don’t focus on it too long.
Support group of family, close friends, therapist, etc are good to lean on during these times.
Knowing that you can get through it is also helpful.
Being open and honest with yourself and trusted advisors is very freeing.

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