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Can you explain this Peter Pan quote? (Details inside)

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24648points) 2 months ago

He said that one girl is more useful than 20 boys.

Is that true?

Humor welcome.

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In Neverland, boys are wreckless and hedonistic while girls are practical. Boys play, and girls get things done.

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Girls generally multi-task better than boys.
Boys go off into la la land thinking about sex.

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Boys fall out of their prams. If they’re not claimed within 7 days, they get sent to the Neverland, where they become “lost boys” with uncertain fates.

There are no “lost girls,” because girls are too clever to fall out of prams.

Given the staying power of girls, and the disposable nature of boys, far more boys are needed to make up for the shortage.

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Who else but a girl can sew your shadow back on?

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Oh God @Love_my_doggie! When my son was an infant I brought him in, in his carseat, and stuck him on the kitchen table. I unbuckled him too…he was too young to even roll over, much less sit up. Right?

Wrong. I went in the living room for JUST A SECOND…when I heard a heart stopping splat from the kitchen….

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^^^ What a frightening memory, V. I’m glad the little guy was ok. I’m also glad you claimed him within plenty of time; we wouldn’t want him sent to the Neverland.

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I think that given the age of the children in Peter Pan, it was probably true. Girls mature more quickly….up to a point. But they hadn’t reached that point and, as Lost Boys, they never would.

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My son was a squishy fat baby, thank God. But he outgrew that eventually.

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^^^ So, he bounced!

How old is that baby now?

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No he just splatted!

He’s 37. 6’4. Skinny now.

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All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust.

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