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What personally offends you these days?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (23183points) 3 weeks ago

On line or in real life.
is it someone attacking your religious views, or your political ones?
Is it the lack of morals, greed of big business?
It seems like people fly off the hook these days with little or no provocation.
So what gets you all bent up ?

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Men thinking they can control all aspects of a woman’s life.

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totally agree with that one.^^

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I have a hard time having to be near anyone who wears certain fragrances. I generally don’t get offended, but it’s hard to not be rude when I have to literally run to get away from them, and I never know who’s gonna smell that bad. Some fragrances just make me ill.

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You would rather smell B.O?

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Ignorance reinforcing stupidity.

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The belief that their opinion is the only correct opinion and that thinking anything else indicates a mental health issue.
The sign of an educated mind is to be able to entertain an idea without accepting it

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Nothing offends me. I’m in control of my thoughts and feelings and take responsibility for them.
If I feel bad about something then that’s my problem not the world around me.

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@SQUEEKY2 Actually yes. Some, not all, fragrances me feel ill, as in sick. I’d rather smell BO than feel sick.

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Very little offends me as I can opt out of feeling offended if I so choose!!! So far, I only tend to be offended by those who insist on being offensive & those who insist on being offended by every little thing that happens in life.

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I try not to get my heels too dug in with online arguments, lately. I am kind of embracing the attitude of “ok, you won” and not spend a whole lot of time or energy on it. If I feel myself going in that direction, I remind myself that this person is not going to change my mind and I’m not going to change theirs, so back away. People may take it to mean that they “won” but I don’t care. It doesn’t matter what they think.

In real life, I see some crazy things with politics, like with the ladies in Congress insulting each others’ physical traits the other day (Marjorie Taylor Greene vs. Crockett) but that seems to be more the norm. The NY Times had an article about how it’s more commonplace now since Trump was calling women “fat” and “horseface” so schoolyard namecalling is no longer shocking. It’s not even schoolyard any more, since kids at school are taught to try to be kind to one another.

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I didn’t really have an answer for this. . .and then I left the house. Some of the roads are in deplorable condition! I remember about 2 years ago they had to reroute an entire major intersection think 8 lanes on a very busy street in order to fix it. A friend of mine had a small car and actually got stuck in a pothole and had to be towed out. About 4 years ago I noticed we were in the national news regarding potholes. On a one mile section of road I drove on today there were no smooth places. Fairly mild on the offensive scale, but there it is.

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Unregulated capitalism is incredibly offensive and deadly.

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SSHHhhhh don’t let our friendly extreme fright wingers hear that.^^^

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Spam robo calls.

Also not being able to cancel my Amazon Prime, or Microsoft
subscription because my computer crashed and I lost my email access.

Also when double charged from DoorDash. I know that it will be refunded in 3–6 days. I’m scared that I barely had the funds to pay for the overage. Still it leaves me with $8 in my credit card.

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Meat-eaters always talking about the animals they’ve eaten or are about to eat.

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