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What food, vice or assistance, comforts you when you have an existential crisis?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24581points) 3 weeks ago

I’m making chicken wings, after watching quotes from vilians, who had a point, on YouTube.

In university I had an emergency pizza fund.

Please share your story. Good and bad endings welcome. Doesn’t have to be food related.

Humor welcome.

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When I have a crisis tearing me up, I cook my spaghetti sauce.
When my wife and I were released from quarantine at Travis Air Force Base, at the beginning of the pandemic, it was one of the first things I did after returning home. It calms me, and makes me feel safe.
When I make it, most goes into the freezer. My recipe results in about 18 servings. Sadly, this means I only cook it about every 4 months.

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When I have inner conflict I typically retreat. Many times I go to the beach and take in the power of the surf. Stargazing also does it for me. After awhile I realize that my troubles are so insignificant in perspective of everything.
Other times, I find a place that is safe and has minimal stimulus.
It might be to a good book in bed, a go to movie to take my mind off things, or simply a long sleep.
Things become clearer after that.

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Chewing gum.
I have put some punishment into some gum.
I can’t really use pain meds anymore, because of my liver transplant, I often chew gum when I’m doing something painful.
It also helps me think, and the fidgeting is calming.

I used to love just watching my fish tank.
I don’t currently have any fish. I haven’t gotten any sense the last ones died while I was in the hospital.

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