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What does it mean to be emotionally available?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24582points) 3 weeks ago

In dating?

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It means to be ready to commit to the relationship.

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@Hawaii_Jake Oh thanks. I thought that it was something mysterious? Like telling your fears and feelings?

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It’s a little different than that.

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@Hawaii_Jake Please tell me more?

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@RedDeerGuy1 I think that there may still be fears and nervousness. Despite that, the couple each make an effort to connect to each other. In a loving relationship, each person can be vulnerable. That’s emotional availability.

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@Hawaii_Jake Wouldn’t emotional availability also extend to some level of sharing feelings?

It seems to me that being unwilling to share some level of feelings and fears to someone you’re in an emotional relationship with, could fairly be considered emotionally unavailable in those ways.

Maybe it’s a matter of degree and the expectations of the people involved?

Some level of healthy boundaries can also be important in relationships.

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^I think that’s also true.

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Your heart is somewhere else. You are really not looking to be in that relationship because you are either married already, seeing someone else, or just not ready or looking to give of yourself.
Your are not truly open.

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@Forever_Free You’ve misread the question.

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“To say a person is emotionally available means being present in a way that goes beyond physical proximity. It’s about being open to truly understand, empathize, and reciprocate the emotions of others,” according to Very Well Mind.

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@Hawaii_Jake Thanks.

All the opposite! :)

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I’m under the impression it means you are willing and ready to listen, symphatize or emphatize with someone to whom you are making yourself emotionally available to.

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