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How much extra cash does President Biden have for expenses?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24607points) 3 weeks ago

The president is paid $400,000/year, but what extra cash is available for incidentals? What is the limit that he can claim? What expenses can he claim?

Also feel free to add other world leaders expense accounts.

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He’s not rich, but he isn’t exactly poor either. And his wife works :-)

I’m sure there are accounts that he can draw from for State dinners, official snacks and food, etc. I can’t imagine that they bill the Biden family for lunch and dinner.

There’s some accountant somewhere in the White House who keeps track of purchases and expenses. For example, Biden probably pays for his own underwear and pajamas. But not for presidential coffee mugs.

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@elbanditoroso In Canada, the previous Governor General spent over $19 million on overseas parties and transportation, for her entourage in one year.

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@RedDeerGuy1 but it was from her official budget, not her personal salary.

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Presidential monetary claims have been in the news and questioned a lot lately.
It all depends on what he can hide if you base it on former matters. ~)

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@elbanditoroso I can’t imagine that they bill the Biden family for lunch and dinner.

The First Family pays for all its personal expenses—groceries, clothing, dry cleaning, haircuts, toiletries, household items (e.g. toilet paper, trash bags), private parties, etc. If a private event involves waitstaff, the family’s billed the hourly rate for those workers. If the same event requires the set up and break down of tables, tents, etc., the bill includes the rates for the work crew.

Additionally, it’s expected that the president will provide gifts to foreign leaders and dignitaries to mark certain occasions. Such gifts are purchased with the president’s personal funds.

It’s true that the costs of state dinners, and other official events, are paid with public funds. Also, there’s no rent or utilities fees for living in the White House. But, the Biden family most certainly pays for its own meals.

The First Family gets a monthly bill from the White House Chief Usher. There have been several stories about First Families being shocked by the amounts involved (What? We have to pay for THAT?!).

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