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Did I miss one of Asimov's Robot novels?

Asked by MrItty (17381points) September 25th, 2008

I finished I, Robot, Caves of Steel, and The Naked Sun, and now I’ve just started The Robots of Dawn. The first several chapters keep referring to a third meeting between Elijah and Daneel, involving two mathematicians. Did this even happen in some other publicized work of Asimov’s, or is it something that will be explained later in the book (please attempt to answer without spoilers, if you can…)

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According to my good friend, Wikipedia, Robots of Dawn is the direct sequel to Naked Sun. So I assume he’ll explain in his own time.

Oh! But a look at the Robots of Dawn page says this: you are missing a short story between them. It is called Mirror Image.

So there you have it. You may need a short story called Mirror Image to finish this all out. And yes, the meeting you are referring to is basically the entire short story according to Wikipedia.

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ahhhh! Thanks very much, Empress. I was avoiding Wikipedia for fear of spoilers. :-)

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Try this too MrItty, great website to find out book/author info:

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That refers to the short story “Mirror Image” which appeared in the May 1972 issue of Analog, and was included in several collections, such as The Best of Isaac Asimov and The Complete Robot.

The above information is from the webmaster of Dr. Asimov’s website.

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