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What the heck is with "Bones" this season?

Asked by MrItty (17406points) September 25th, 2008

Last week, Dr Emotionless Brennon broke down almost sobbing about a bunch of dogs. The woman works on murder cases on a regular basis, sees horrific things happen to human beings every week, and scarcely bats an eyelash. But a bunch of dogs being forced to kill each other makes her break down? The entire episode was a commercial for PETA.

Now this week, everyone goes all ga-ga for their “friend” Zack, who (for all they know) plunged a knife into a man’s chest to kill him, and who has shown no remorse for doing so.

When did this show stop making any kind of sense?

(Btw, I’m not even a little bit condoning dog-fighting, so please don’t go off on me there. I’m pointing out the absurd logical inconsistency in the show)

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So why are you watching it?

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I’ve watched the first two episodes of the new season. I’m hoping it gets back to form. I’m just wondering if anyone else is having a similar reaction to the new season that I am.

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I’m okay with the new season. Brennan is learning to be okay with her emotions and expressing them about a dog is closer than she’s gotten in a long time—my interpretation.
The whole Zach think is a bit weird, but he’s “driven by pure logic” or some other thing like that—from the season finale when he was in the hospital. I got that he’s not likely to have remorse because it’s not logical. (**shrug**).
I like Brennan & Booth’s interaction. They are an intriguing pairing.
I wish Angela & what’s his beard would get back together.
I really like the revolving door of interns they are playing with.

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I am enjoying this season thus far. I like it that they have ratcheted up the chemistry between Booth and Brennan.

As for the dog thing, it is not totally wacky. For some reason, there is something about animals’ helplessness and innocence that gets to me more than anything. This does not mean that I have no empathy from humans, just that it is hard to not feel for animals (who when they are treated badly it is usually at our hands).

I just could not fathom the whole Zach thing. It did not make any sense. It was almost like the show jumped the shark then, but I hope not.

@Dorkgirl I am hoping they get back together this season too.

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it’s perfectly logical and reasonable for a normal human being to react like that to seeing animals in that condition. It is completely irrational for Brennan to react like that, when she sees innocent human being mutilated on a weekly basis and gives no reaction at all. That’s just what’s getting at me, I guess.

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