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Those of you who had "imaginary friends" as kids...Could you actually SEE them?

Asked by Mr_M (7616points) September 26th, 2008

What’s the story with that? Did you actually see beings? Did you know you did NOT see them at the time? What do you think about the schools of thought that claim such kids see dead people?

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No, I could not see them. I knew they were “imaginary” but they kept me company when I didn’t have a playmate. More like talking to myself than having an actual imaginary friend, probably.

I think that if a spirit was to reveal itself, children would be the most likely to “see” them, mainly because they haven’t developed all of the societal filters yet and would be open to such a thing.

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I still do. My doctors tell me I should stop listening to them when they ask me to kill people…

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No i could never realy see them but I used to feel like they were there with me, so it worked best in the dark…

@Celeste00 You don’t know me do you…. I hope not… very much

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Are you one of my imaginary friends?

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… maybe…

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I couldn’t actually see mine as a kid. Now as an adult, that’s a different story…

@Celeste00: Hey, we might know some of the same peeps!

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My invisible friend was named Catherine and I could never actually see her, but I knew she was there!

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I didn’t see them, but I loved pretending they were there. My imaginary friends were “fantasy” friends… famous people that really existed that I wish I knew.

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The ones I could see, I called friends. And the ones I couldn’t see, I called imaginary friends.

And, no, my fake diamond wasn’t real.

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I never had imaginary friends, but I did have “real” stuffed animals who communicated things to me.

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I don’t remember, but everyone said I spent hours playing and talking with my friend, “Bago” – who incidentally, still votes/gets blamed at family events/functions, like the weight of my sister’s baby, where to go for dinner, who left the milk out, who keeps calling and hanging up, who thinks they shouldn’‘t be getting married….

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I wasn’t hallucinating, but I had a very clear image of what she looked like and could describe her to anyone as if she was a real person.
and I had a very elaborate story about the traveling one had to do to get to where she lives

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I had two ‘friends’, and like wildflower, I had a very defined mental image of them. One was very tall with a golf ball as a head, and the other was a yellow blob (sort of like a starfish). And no, I didn’t accidentally wander into daddy’s meth lab when I was a kid. Or at least I don’t think I did…

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I had a very vivid image of what they looked like… down to the hair clips in their hair, but, no, I never saw them….

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I never saw them, when I was in High School, I still have imaginary friends

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