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I need a way to make a website that will handle hundreds of transactions a day and transfer many gigabytes, perhaps close to one Terabyte of data a month: Help?

Asked by Lovelocke (1609points) September 27th, 2008

Basically, I was looking at so-called “Unlimited Hosting” plans, but they have some murky language in them. A site like offers things like Unlimited Disk Storage and Unlimited “Gigs of Site Transfer”, and they seem to be aware of and in support of Audio/Video, whether they’re for download or streaming.

Is this really the end-all be-all web hosting plan? I’ll need a pretty unfair 500gb of storage to start plus pretty much unlimited bandwidth to “move our data”.

Is this really what I’m looking for? And if not, what is? Cost wouldn’t be an issue, so to speak, but low-cost is always better :)

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To add a little more info to johnpowell’s answer re: Amazon S3, there’s a photo-hosting and sharing company called SmugMug that says their use of Amazon S3 has saved them almost exactly $1M in the first year.

A couple of blogposts to get you started:
* SmugMug: Amazon S3, Show me the money
* SmugMug: Amazon + 2 guys in a dorm + $0 = Next YouTube

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Yeah I’d go with what they said. What’s this going to be for? And would you be better hosting your own service if cost is an issue?

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Amazon S3 is worth looking at, and check out Joyent too, zippy Solaris servers and 10TB of transfer a month.

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