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Wacom Airbrush pen for Intuos3 - How to use?

Asked by makemo (531points) September 27th, 2008

I recently bought a Wacom Intuos3 Special Edition A4, which came with an extra pen, namely the Airbrush one.

I may be the dumbest person ever, asking about this, but I can’t seem to find any resources out there, as for how it’s supposed to be used: examples, tutorials, manual, anything.

How do you use it?

Reason for my question is, that there is a finger-wheel on it, that I can’t find any settings for, in the Wacom Tablet manager software. (Note: I’m on Mac, so I’d be happy for any specifics regaring that platform.) Most often, it really doesn’t do anything when I flip that finger-wheel… :-(

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Have you gone into your system preferences to setup the device? In system preferences there’ll be a tablet icon at the very bottom (I think) of the menu. Go through that to see if it recognizes both devices (the pen and airbrush) and see if you can edit the settings for both of them through there.

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Yes, I have. To the best of my knowledge, everything is working just fine on my Intuos3 and the pens. And I can set different settings for both pens, etc.


I just can’t seem to set operation for the finger-wheel on the Airbrush pen…

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@gryshnak good answer i had the same problem and the article you linked explained it all

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